Joe Russo Calls Sony’s Spider-Man Decision “A Big Mistake”

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The Russo brothers say goodbye to Marvel Studios

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As the Sony-Disney/Marvel Studios drama drags on, almost every major MCU name has taken their turn to talk about it. The latest to do so was director Joe Russo.

Joe and Anthony Russo at EW
Joe and Anthony Russo at EW
Credit: EW

While being interviewed by the Toronto Star, Russo was asked once again about Sony’s decision. He said, “I will say, stepping back and trying to be objective as possible, that I think it’s a tragic mistake on Sony’s part to think that they can replicate Kevin’s penchant for telling incredible stories and the amazing success he has had over the years. I think it’s a big mistake.”

Joe Russo and his brother Anthony have been involved with Spider-Man since Sony first allowed the web-slinger to join the MCU. It was the Russo Brothers that introduced Peter Parker in “Captain America: Civil War.” They were also present during those first talks with Sony.

Joe mentioned that those talks were also strenuous at best. He recalled that even though Kevin Feige was able to make a deal happen, it was a long, grueling process and the union was always rocky. Joe and his brother had originally stated that they weren’t surprised at all when Sony announced they would no longer share Spider-Man with Marvel Studios. 

Kevin Feige and Sony
Kevin Feige poses for a picture with Sony Picture’s Tom Rothman
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There was gratitude in Joe’s comments as he praised Disney and Sony for even being able to come together for a few films. “It was an extremely long and hard process,” Joe explained. “But we were driven to help make it happen. But [Marvel Studios President] Kevin Feige pulled it off, somehow. Disney and all the good people at Sony found a way to make it work, and it lasted a few films.” Those few films, however, seem to have given Sony enough underserved confidence to believe they will be able to maintain Spider-Man’s current success without the support of the MCU.

Tom Holland standing on a stage
Credit: Marvel Studios

While only time will tell if Sony truly keeps Spider-Man away from Kevin Feige and the MCU, this award-winning storyteller’s criticism piggybacks off the discussions about Sony making a financial mistake keeping Spider-Man to themselves. We can only hope that Sony wakes up and does what is truly best for everyone.


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