Comments for “Frozen”-themed Arendelle Aqua food and merchandise coming to Disney Parks

Arendelle Aqua cupcake

Credit: Disney


  1. Harley

    Not a big fan of the $$$ on the spirit jerseys they can be easily made and disney doesnt sell em that well i see alot at the outlets eventually like the dresses! But i have to say i am really impressed at Arendelle aqua its def a different color and i am the craziest frozen fan i just think its sweet though! Would def go really well w my monster pants i made to see the musical in!

    1. Harley

      Ps. Restate: Not the craziest frozen movie fan but the musical makes up for it!

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    1. Harley

      Can we please get a cachpa thing on this page to web out the robots now bc first not only are there responses by haters that sound like it but this is the 4th comment like this take its like huh?

  3. Harley

    Food items and ears seen at wdw jersey is the 13th if not later depending on park assuming mk and epcot will be first! Just fyi!

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