“Frozen”-themed Arendelle Aqua food and merchandise coming to Disney Parks

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Arendelle Aqua cupcake

Credit: Disney

Calling all “Frozen” fans–and everyone else who just loves the color aqua and Disney Parks treats! Arendelle Aqua is coming soon to Disney Parks worldwide (the first-ever global launch for a new Disney color theme), and we can’t wait to try every delicious treat (and pick up a new ear headband and tumbler too!).

Arendelle Aqua
Credit: Disney

The newest color, Arendelle Aqua, is the sixth color in Disney’s new color trend strategy. It joins Imagination Pink, Magic Mirror Metallic, Potion Purple, Millennial Pink, and Briar Rose Gold. We think that’s a pretty sure sign that the future of Instagram looks aqua!

The adorable Arendelle Aqua ear headband you can see above is coming to all the Disney Parks around the world beginning September 13, but there’s so much more that will be available!

Just check out some of these amazing (and beautiful) treats inspired by the icy blockbuster, “Frozen”, and the upcoming “Frozen 2,” set to hit theaters in November. Most of these treats will only be available at Disneyland Resort, but we’ve specified where you can find each one–they’re coming to the parks on September 13, so mark your calendars!

Sugar Drop Donut

arendelle aqua donut
Credit: Disney

It doesn’t have to be breakfast time for this delectable donut! The beautiful cake donut with blue fondant glaze and winter sugar crystals on top are perfect for any time of day or night! You’ll be able to find them at Disney’s All Star Music Resort at Walt Disney World.

Frozen Arendelle Aqua Lemonade

This frosty treat features frozen lemonade with a splash of passionfruit and pineapple. And yes, it’s Arendelle Aqua-colored too! Check out these fans enjoying their lemonade in Epcot’s Norway pavilion. You’ll be able to get this lemonade at Disney Springs.

Arendelle lemonade
Credit: Disney

Arendelle Aqua Churro

What’s better than a Disney Parks churro? How about one with aqua-colored sugar sprinkles? You’ll be able to find these at the Hub popcorn cart in Disneyland, so don’t miss out!

Arendelle Aqua churros
Credit: Disney


Arendelle Aqua Macaron

This delicious Mickey-shaped macaron features buttercream and a blueberries-and-cream filling that’s as sweet as it is beautiful! Find it at the Jolly Holiday Bakery & Café and at Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Café at Disneyland.

Arendelle Aqua macaron
Credit: Disney

Arendelle Aqua Pearl Cupcake

We aren’t sure there’s ever been  more beautiful cupcake at any Disney Park. It’s a delectable chocolate cupcake with a blue cotton candy marshmallow cream center, cotton candy buttercream, milk chocolate ears, crispy pearls, sugar and glitter. You’ll find it at Everything Pop at Disney’s Pop Century Resort at Walt Disney World.

Arendelle Aqua cupcake
Credit: Disney

Arendelle Aqua Linzer Cookie

This beautiful linzer cookie is shaped like a Mickey head with a snowflake shaped center, mixed berry jam and chocolate ganache. Find it soon at Market House in Disneyland.

Arendelle Aqua cookie
Credit: Disney

Arendelle Aqua Tumbler

This cool tumbler will keep your cold drinks frosty cold. And we love the ombre colors that start with Arendelle Aqua! Find it at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, and shopDisney. (Available at shopDisney beginning September 13.)

Arendelle Aqua tumbler
Credit: Disney

Which of these aqua-colored, “Frozen”-inspired treats and merch looks the most fun (or the most tasty?) Let us know which one you plan to try first!

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