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Sony and Disney Spider-Man

Credit: Sony/Marvel Studios


  1. TimG

    Disney should not be allowed anywhere close to Spiderman. I say it’s “weird” especially with the announced Marvel Phase 4 where Disney will gender swap just about every male character. No series will last with this manipulation of time tested characters. Spiderman is no exception and we must contend with Marvel that is willing to kill characters that it no longer finds useful like Iron Man and Black Widow in Endgame despite the new Black Widow movie. They’re swapping a fat Thor for tiny Mighty “Jane Foster” Thor who looked like she’s holding a lizard instead of the hammer in ComiCon, and replacing Captain America with Falcon as if this all makes sense. They already turned Hulk into a wimp in Endgame, and announced a female Hulk. Sorry, Disney will ruin Marvel like it did with Star Wars. Disney should not be allowed anywhere close to Spiderman.

    1. William

      You do realize Jane foster thor and falcon captain America are in the comics right?… marvel studios didn’t just race and gender swap characters because they wanted to do it. Sony will fail and hopefully come limping back to marvel studios. I just wish a deal could be made where Sony doesn’t have to give up 50%.

    2. b-wolf 95

      1. Disney is actually pretty hands-off with Marvel. If anything, they’ve given Marvel more creative freedom than when they started.
      2. The “gender swap” (apparently, Falcon is female now) comes from the comics. Very popular stories from the comics, at that. Hell, She-Hulk’s been around for decades.
      3. Stop

      1. Harley

        Yes please stop bc wether your timg or one of your aliases you prove that you rather just rant! Theres a difference between opinions and ranting to the pt you piss people off!
        Marvel nor disney nor swge is going to change due to 1 persons constant rant and second disney isnt going to listen to a non-fan.

    3. Daryl-Rhys Taylor

      Also if you are going to call for turning characters female, Sony is much worse. They made Ghostbusters. Think before you write.

      1. TimG

        So you rather have Marvel do it? Yep, think before you write.

  2. Stephen F

    I get a bit tired of people, especially those who should know better, saying that Sony owns Spider-man. They don’t. They own the film rights to Spider-man and his related characters. That’s it. Marvel owns Spider-man and Disney owns Marvel. And if Sony changes hands, it all reverts back anyway.

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