It’s time to say goodnight to Disney’s Goodnight Hotline service

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It’s only been a couple of weeks since we learned about the return of Disney’s Goodnight hotline. Well, just after two weeks, we now have to say goodbye as it is now concluding its run on September 30.

The Disney hotline service read bedtime stories to children in some of Disney’s most beloved characters. Mickey Mouse, Princess Jasmine and even Spider-Man were just some of the characters families could choose from. Parents have trouble getting their children to bed and these bedtime messages gave young fans everywhere something to look forward to at bedtime, which was very helpful for those little ones who sometimes have trouble falling asleep or settling down at bedtime.

Disney’s Goodnight hotline was first offered last year but was very limited as it only featured five-character recordings including Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy and Goofy.

There is still some time left to take advantage of the service before it gets put to bed. Disney fans can call 1-877-7-MICKEY and can choose to hear a bedtime story from Mickey Mouse, Woody, Princess Jasmine, Anna and Elsa, Yoda, and Spider-Man.

Disney also recently launched the “Disney Bedtime Adventure Box“, which is a subscription box featuring intermittent packages including items such as bedtime stories, Disney themed pajamas, activity cards and other fun bedtime items. If you have trouble getting your kids ready for bed, you have to check out this subscription.

Disney Bedtime Box
Credit: Disney

Parents can transform bedtime into family fun time with “Disney’s Bedtime Adventure Box”. Parents and children are able to customize their own bedtime adventure. Families get to choose and explore the imaginary lands of their dreams as you have the opportunity to choose from Disney’s available character selection each month.

This subscription box will continue after the hotline closes and prices start at $27.99 per box for a one-year subscription.

Are you sad to see Disney’s Goodnight hotline service come to an end?

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