Comments for Disneyland Paris guest goes on bad LSD trip, falls into a lake and ends up naked

Disneyland Paris

Credit: LP/Alexandre Métivier


  1. Harley

    And to think everyone thinks only crazy things happen in fl!
    I feel bad if you had to deal or witness this in dlp but it was a great giggle i needed today!

    1. Mark

      I know what your saying harley its like one of those do i laugh or not things… your like omg poor dude needs help poor cms that had to probably deal then its like he ran around the park naked….. sadly i am laughing!
      Its true you would expect this as an only in fl story! Except he be naked and wrestling a gator plus tetanus.

  2. Melanie Durham

    ??He was only trying to make it more magical!

    1. Harley

      Classic comeback melanie…
      I also wonder if like the lily allen song (which shows what she sees high is happy but its really not on the outside) he thought the security was playing w him and not trying to arrest him?

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