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thomas cook cancelled


  1. Shedank

    There has been plenty of news this year that the company was in BIG trouble. Seems like a good time to invest in travel insurance with that kind of uncertainty, but it’s still not as bad as it looks. The government is stepping in to help.
    “The Department for Transport (DfT) said all customers currently abroad with Thomas Cook who are booked to return to the UK over the next two weeks will be brought home as close as possible to their booked return date.
    Thomas Cook package holiday customers will also see the cost of their accommodation covered by the Government, through the Air Travel Trust Fund or Atol scheme, the DfT said.
    A million customers will also lose their future bookings, although with most package holidays and some flights-only trips being protected by the Atol scheme, customers who have not yet left home will be given a refund or replacement holiday.
    For those on holiday, the scheme will make sure they can finish their holiday and return home.” ~Mirror

  2. Harley

    This isnt new my mom had a senior trip planned back when we still were in ny and they happen to travel right before kiwi went bankrupt!
    I felt bad for them they road the monorail at newark singing its a small world they finally got in the next day.
    That plus yr before gals shop lifted along w a non direct flight that was unbeknown to my mom! She stop using the travel agent!
    So its always sad to hear stories hope everything worked out!

  3. Jackie

    Just saw this on the news what a shame. Hope all our uk friends got home safely! I agree though w what your trying to get at harley is that its out of hands once it goes through a travel agency. Thats why sometimes when i travel i do my legwork and find reputable stuff but then this on the outside looked reputable. So you just never know N have to travel safe!

  4. Jamison Town

    They have left around 600,000 people stranded. The 150,000 figure is the number of British citizens that are stranded.

  5. Bob

    The lesson learned? Always pay a little extra for the insurance, regardless of how solid the company seems. Brits are very fortunate their government is there to help out.

  6. Melanie Durham

    This is the first I’m hearing about this so….

    I for one feel terrible for them! I hope everything works out!

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