Comments for Disneyland president Josh D’Amaro becomes leader of Disney World

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  1. Tommie. Gregory

    I was extremely upset when I found out the the Disney in Anaheim California my granddaughter was going down there towards Halloween and they were going to charge her $130 to wear her costume inside the park that’s very that’s that makes me sick to think of how you could do that to kids

    1. Harley

      Could be worse…
      MNSS on wdw side the price fluctuates! You do not know what the price will be till you click on a date!
      Xmas party is $115 +.
      I wanted to go but its not worth it for candy or when it comes to xmas things you could see dec 26 till the new yr! Its crazy!
      Though to comment on the article quick i hope these people will bring a hopefully light to the parks.

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