Comments for Disney World ends some character meet and greets this month

mike and sulley

Credit: Becky Burkett / ITM Reporter


  1. Ryan Serowinski

    Are you serious?, I thought the Monsters and Incredibles were set for an indefinite stay at DHS, after years of not appearing at the park. That’s sad and frustrating!

    Pixar Place can’t be closed off again to guests.

    Replace Olaf at Celebrity Spotlight instead

  2. Ron

    Incredibles Shindig show is closing Sept 26. Edna and Other Incredible characters will remain for meet and greets. Mike and Sulley are not going anywhere. This is false info.

    1. Harley

      Incredibles was a short lived revive of the dance party from mk it was short timed only edna is moving to play pavilion i dont know about the other incredibles…. monsters is going as well it isnt false i know people at OMD and courtyard! It was only meant to celebrate anniversary it was temp OMD characters always trade spaces its nothing new! Launch bay is on a time frame as well… illuminations while said missed is not a character nor was it truly illuminations anymore. I will forever miss what illuminations was when it was about music from the countries and dancing lights on the pavilions…. i hope from word about harmonious this will fill this gap!

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