Comments for ESPN to drop soon from multiple major cable companies, says Disney

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  1. Harley

    I am serious this disney+ etc is going to piss alot of people off heard they might take the kids stations too not just espn! Some of us prefer tv stations and should be able to keep em! My kid would be lost wo his stations and i know i am not alone w caring about espn either. I know many like me rather not spend hundreds of dollars in separate streaming things instead of one bill for everything! i am sorry but this is crazy to me! My opinion please dont hate!

    1. waffles

      It’s been coming for years now, but I think the masses are finally getting wind of it. I don’t ya hate ya Harley, but you might be a bit mis-informed if you think we are paying hundreds of dollars in separate fees. I have Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, I think I pay 25/month for everything? If even that, IDK it’s all so cheap I don’t even pay attention to it.

      1. Melanie Durham

        Exactly, it’s such a weight lifted off with streaming now and not having to pay cable fees! I absolutely love it!

  2. RH

    I dropped DirecTV last week for Hulu+Live TV. Upped my internet speed from AT&T too. Will save about $65/mo.
    AT&T didn’t try to convince me to stay either. Said I had the best rate and cancelled me.

    Got Disney Jr for the kiddos.
    Dropping Netflix when Disney+ comes out.

  3. Dave

    I have dropped AT&T TV Now today due to price switching without notice. Very hard to communicate with.

    Poor service !!


      Direct TV has been all down hill since ATT took over. Customer service overseas , ongoing battles with CBS, now ABC…..they don’t realize there are options!

      1. Clifford Guthrie

        I dropped DirecTV not long after at&t took over. Very apparent they only care about at& now.

  4. Debra Roach

    We’re dropping AT&T tomorrow. Goodbye & good riddance

  5. NR

    ESPN is NO longer Sports Entertaining. It’s turned into a Pitiful Soap Opera placating to Drama Trolls.

  6. Dave D

    Buah Bye ATT – first NFL channel now ESPN – cya

  7. Chris

    I have a great deal with DirecTV until January so I’m keeping it until then. Who has time to watch so much TV anyway? Hours and hours of football and analysis? Allowing kids to sit in front of Disney channels for hours instead of showing them the world, or giving them something to learn? It’s nice to sit down and be entertained, and escape from everyday hassles, but that should be a small part of our lives, not how we live our lives.

  8. Joe Thomas

    If they drop ESPN in when football season is just getting started??….yes i will drop them like a bad habit and go with Spectrum….

  9. D. Sherrill

    Good riddance to ESPN. I was overcharged for cable satellite for years due to the cost of ESPN with no choice because it was bundled in.

  10. Paul A DesChenes

    We cut the cord. Never watched ESPN NFL basebore NBA hockey or all the other crap channels. Watching 53 over the air entertainment channels in denver and have YouTube TV. Life is good.

  11. Rob

    Good riddance ESPN (no longer sports anyway) and Disney – you can have AT&T/Time Warner as well…

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