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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Credit: Disney


  1. Trenton B.

    I never considered Galaxy’s Edge a “failure”. Though I’ve only been once, I was amazed by the achievements this land has given us. Comparing the other major Star Wars ride at Disneyland, Star Tours, to Smuggler’s Run, Star Tours can be fairly forceful at times while the Galaxy’s Edge attraction isn’t like that at all.

    I think the real power of this land is that it pulls you into the Galaxy we know and love and makes you part of the story. You can become a Resistance spy or join the ranks of the First Order. The choice is yours.

    1. André DeVine

      My sentiments exactly. This is a land in a park, not a Star Wars Theme Park.

      1. Harley

        Exactly the name on the entrance is still dhs not swge its only one part of it. And someone on another thread or about the book and comics they add to the experience and story. Esp if your one of those visitors that only come once in a life it brings being there back the picture painted in the book is that bright you will feel like your back there.
        Disney was never “b/w amusement park” they are theme park w “colorful” experiences to engage in!

  2. Wendy

    I think there were several contributing factors. First, for the population outside Florida, who have to budget travel dollars, the guys in my family expressed a desire to wait until Rise of the Resistance is also up and running. It is like when you buy technology, you watch the New products being offered, but don’t purchase until what is offered includes everything you want. Second, attendance in the fall is always lower, because it generally isn’t the best time to visit. Hurricanes do affect travel plans, so why not wait a few months til that is less of a risk. Recent price increases and the additional parking fees at hotels, parks and Disney Springs also leave a bad taste. I would say the Spring numbers will tell the tale.

    1. Jackie

      I know people whom are waiting longer like till the 50th so everything will be new and they dont have to walk around the parks half in construction as well! I have a few in my family whom are WC bound where less construction and everything 100% makes it easier on them as well!

  3. Rich

    They’ve ruined their parks with the over emphasis on Star Wars.

  4. TimG

    If Star Wars wasn’t the problem, why advertise it at all? People lost their jobs precisely because Galaxy’s Edge was a failure. It’s even worse to think people need more marketing when everyone knows Rise of Resistance hasn’t opened yet. The land is fatally flawed. Plus, their sequel trilogy has floundered. No one cares for Star Wars anymore.

  5. Thomas Swift

    Iger has surrounded himself with clones, raised prices relentlessly, $5.00 12 oz Cokes, a land with lots of shopping, no kids shows or things to do…boring, Smugglers Run is a four minute waste of time. I would rather go on Flight of Passage…?

  6. gmk

    It’s not Star Wars that is ruining the parks or Galaxy Edge, it’ the fact that Disney is starting to price to many people out of the resorts. The last couple of years they have had multiple price increases and people are getting tired of them.

    1. Stephen F

      100%. It’s the pricin, the regular and unwavering price increases. I’ve been saying it for years, they’re going to get to the point where people say “I’m out” and they are right there. They chip away at value, Photopass, Dining Program, even DVC, to see what is the least value Guests will accept. It sound like they did that to Galaxy’s Edge, even before it opened! Don’t fire performers, or even blame specific execs. Lower your prices. That will bring people back.

  7. Brad

    Everyone is waiting until the real 5-star, epic attraction opens. It’s that simple. Pandora was a hit from day one cause it was a complete land. Let’s have this conversation a year from now and see what attendance is like.

  8. I believe several factors are in play, at disneyworlds opening on August 29th most colleges and school systems have teachers starting and then the following week students are arriving, hurricane dorian stalled our plans from maryland and the entire east coast as flights were cancelled the first week of September. But the number one reason is the price[s] increases that has occured recently, food, tickets,annual passes, parking, special viewing desert parties. My wife and I have annual passes and been coming 3 times a year, her birthday, my birthday and the first week of December and since we have already made our plans for december we wil be coming but oor passes expire in January and we will not be renewing, as we will take a break from the lost disney magic and spend our vaction dollars eleswhere.

  9. teresa

    Most of this was most likely pre planned in advance of the opening date of rise of the resistance attraction … The lands aren’t a failure , they’re just incomplete and with the increased ticket prices people are simply waiting until the land is finished to plan a vacation be sheds they don’t have the money or vacation time for vacations three months apart …

    The takeaway should be to wait for a new land to be completely finished before opening

    1. Laura

      i think that was their plan initially, to wait for it to be completed. but someone along the line got impatient and greedy and opted to open it early. remember that “late fall 2019” they were pushing until they suddenly weren’t and “late fall” became labor day weekend? had they waited until thanksgiving, which i believe was the original target date, it would have been at the start of peak holiday season, instead of the start of annual slow season and these narratives wouldn’t be out there right now. whoever made that call to push it up incomplete should be who stepped down, not powell.

      i think it’s a combination of all the things mentioned- i think fans would have preferred a familiar location, say tatooine, instead of a brand new place. preferred the chance to see the original characters instead of only the new. the immersion is such that it throws a lot of people off with the cast member acting and if you don’t expect it, it’s not enjoyable. not having more space for the cantina and the lightsabres is another drawback. the cantina should have been a full service eatery in a larger space. the entertainment that was ultimately cut- third ride and roaming droids and a stage show, should have all remained. the price hikes all spring and summer, to then turn around a push a “hey come visit this new great place!” the decision to open at slow season and block out passholders on the west coast. the media and blogger blitz scared some people away. dorian was a factor for only about 4-5 days max, it certainly isn’t now.

      now, we visited wdw 9/7-9/14. we enjoyed GE, but felt like we were lost at times. i am grateful the crowds stayed away, certainly, but the lack of signage and direction was unpleasant. yes, its new, but i want to know what building i’m looking at and not have to ask. some entrances and cms had maps, others did not. the immersion is almost too much. the “language” you have to decipher is fun once, not so much after that. we didn’t even see any of the roaming characters except a couple stormtroopers, no chewbacca, no rey. not enough explanation on the other resistance vs first order play you can do. they hit on some points- we enjoyed the ride- but missed on many others. it needs a bit of tweaking for sure in order to really draw people in.

  10. DAnn Carbaugh

    I have been to Galaxy’s Edge multiple times since it has opened in WDW ! We keep going back because of the inneractiveness of the land! We love using the app and scanning and working on our flying skills on the Millennium Falcon and the food is awesome! Yes, bought droids which we take back and watch them chatter with other droids and take tons of pictures! They have some amazing photo ops in the land! I have spoken to many that aren’t even Star Wars fans and they have a great time. So, go and try it for yourself.

  11. Diane

    I and my family absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Galaxy’s Edge! The whole feel and architecture of this new planet near Disneyland is awesome! If more would go and really look and listen to this place you would appreciate it so much more. Thank you Disney for giving us this and hopefully more????

  12. Harley

    Someone do not know if it was here or somewhere else said everyone one should be fired and batuu should be closed bc its stupid!
    Most of those in charge were female! So by this thought we fire every female on staff bc they thought of a cool idea only a few minor voices hated….
    I am female but not a feminist but its still not fair to say just bc this wasnt successful in your eyes others might not appreciate it. Yes batuu is interesting but its also incomplete and to me not a great ideal concept to complain about. Its like a broadway show in previews the show isnt ready yet until it opens and even there still might be adjusted. Same here!
    Hate to break it to many but alot of the WDI team behind Pandora and alot of the stuff you all appreciate and love were behind SWGE!
    Its like anything at wdw people are going to like this experience might not like the next! Thats what a theme park is reason why theres multi things to do in a land so theres something for everyone!
    Sadly yes i agree if people on the inside meaning the money cared a bit more swge would be different or opened 100%. Though also epcot would still be epcot… and when they try to help out and meet in middle like epcot and people still complain.
    I dont wear rose tinted glasses i live long live horizons but i am still on wdw side bc i love what WDI does (truly the un-strung heroes of the parks that do not get love), will still be like my second home (proud dvc member) w great customer service on the inside! I wont be dealing w fake non magical BS like elsewhere here. Doesnt mean i have my own complaints its just not fair to others to constantly vent where it looks like no one cares! If people didnt care why are millions there at the parks why does falcon or flight of passage still have high waits!? I am just sharing 2 cents.

  13. Carol

    Bring back the March of the soldiers.. the price increases this year have not helped.

  14. Geoff

    There are a few reasons. I’ve been to Disney over 15 times from the UK. In my opinion and speaking to family and friends it seems to be pricing, including parking. Fastpass is outdated too really, as different methods could be used, plus doesn’t work well as it is unfair if you can’t stay on property. From abroad all works out extremely expensive as we can’t just nip there for a few days and prices are just increasing multiple times yearly. There is no doubt it is the best place on earth but it is out of need rather than choice we can’t go. Business model is great on paper, but people sometimes have to vote with their income.

  15. Mark

    Sadly when you all complain its not a pretty picture and you know what is that you do not appreciate the magic of an experience or the real treasures in WDI behind em! When was the last time you took 3+ yrs out of your life to do something and create something you know you enjoy and others will too! Even if you do not do the work take a look at imagineering in a box it will blow mind and give more credit to WDI and what they do you might appreciate it all more and if you dont then why go to wdw!? Not being rude or mean i am simple asking if all your going to do is complain and not enjoy it why go?

  16. Karen Brown

    Thew new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is at the furthest point of Disneyland and after 10 hours it was my last stop as my back was wrecked, my knees were toast, it was 93 degrees outside and I was tired…I was by myself so I had already done Disney Calif Adv park and 75% of DL. The new Star Wars land is very beige, can’t tell what anything is supposed to be except for the Millenium Falcon and I after walking around for 30 minutes – had to ask where the bathrooms were because nothing, I mean nothing is in English…It would have been so much more fun for me if there had been castmembers around in different Start Wars costumes – re-enacting battles with light sabers or Imperials solders marching back and forth or vendors of the shops inviting the guests to come and browse their stores…..I did Smuggler’s Run – it was very exciting but afterwards – nothing else to do…The line to get into Olga’s Cantina was too long and it was dark now and I have to say – Stars Wars land definitely looks better in the dark…You can tell alot of effort was put into this land but unless you spent quite a bit more time walking around going into buildings with no signs on them finding out what they were – you had no idea….I had no interest in the blue or green milk and the reviews weren’t great from the guys outside of a small refreshment stand. There definitely needs to be more activity that guests can find out about once they are there otherwise its like playing hide and seek! Not so much fun after walking around for 12 hrs….I headed back towards Fantasyland and out thru the castle to the shuttlebuses…I’m very glad I got to see the new land but probably won’t go back until they have way more things to do for adults…

  17. Amber

    Pricing is huge, they have way over done it. Opening a new land with one ride, ONE RIDE… They over priced and opened early. I loved my most recent Disney experience (09/11/19) but just thought they should have waited until the land was fully done. Disney could also benefit with a price freeze considering it is the struggling generation that supports them and that is feeding the new generation.

  18. Kevin

    We were going to buy annual passes until the price increase . Sorry Walt and Mickey.!!!

  19. Sara

    Pricing is a huge deal, but totally agree the date of the opening probably was a huge factor. It would have been much more successful if it had opened in the summer months. Also, back to the prices… with one ride and many of the other interactive attractions in the land being super expensive probably makes some people uninterested in the land. I do think the land, even if it’s got amazing theming and detail, could have been on a whole other level if it were based on the original trilogy. That’s the real “heart” of the Star Wars universe. It would made a huge difference.

  20. Linda Kincaid

    I think that the price increase has priced most middle class family to either not go at all , go less or shorten their stay. I don’t think Walt had that in mind back in 1954.

  21. GregR

    They blew it by not incorporating anything or characters from the original Star Wars. In Galaxy’s Edge, where are the aliens? Where are the droids? We want to see Yoda, Vader, Luke, Leia, Han Solo, Obi-Wan, C-3PO, R2-D2, Emperor Palpatine. Darth Maul, etc. The real Star Wars, not the lame Disney Star Wars. The movies are horrible.

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