Comments for Disney’s “Princess and the Frog” live-action remake possibly in the works


Credit: Disney


  1. Thomas

    Surprised? No. See the point of remaking a movie that was only new 10 years ago? No. I’m always a bit critical of the remakes and while I get the reasons Disney losing it’s ability to lead the field as storytellers to rehash old classics that are good enough without being tampered with, they’re still over 20 years old so I guess it makes them fresh for new audiences. A movie made 10 years ago really doesn’t need to be remade, especially one that broke the mould by being the first 2D movie after a number of years. Unnecessary, but wouldn’t surprise me.

  2. Amanda U

    Honestly, I think Rome Flynn should play Prince Naveen.
    Normani Hamilton should play Big Tiana.
    Marsai Martin may be to old to play Little Tiana but it’s a concept.
    They both sing, act, and dance.
    Sasha pieterse should play Charlotte.
    Keith David or Andre 3000 could play Dr. Facilier.
    Jennifer Lewis should play Mama odie.
    Angela Bassett or Anika Rose could play Eudora.
    Eddris Elba should play The daddy.

    1. No one can do Dr Facilier better than Keith David!

  3. Tim

    It seems too recent, so I’d give it another ten years at least
    OR maybe a live-action sequel?

  4. Harley

    I love tiana but i never was a movie fan i was a park person and anyone want to tell disney enough is enough w the remakes!?

  5. Robert Smith

    Charlize Theron, who was actually born in Africa, should play Princess Tiana.

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