Comments for Disney might want Tom Hiddleston for the role of Hades in “Hercules”

tom hiddleston hades

Credit: businessinsider.com / Disney


  1. Mark

    How long before they go through the whole avengers cast?
    Why cant we get jimmy back?
    Though cheanye jackson plays a really cool hades in d3

    1. Kaye

      Jimmy? You mean James Woods right? There’s no way that Disney would hire him for the live action due to the predatory allegations against him. He’s also waaay too old for the role.

      Cheyenne Jackson did an amazing job as Hades in D3.

      1. Harley

        Ok better ??? Why are we making live action versions of mediocre films???

  2. Val

    Would love to see Cheyenne Jackson he was spectacular as Hades in Descendants 3. His mannerisms and voice is perfect

  3. Lorraine Louis

    For me if Tom Hiddleston plays the roles the of Hades I would go for Tom rather than those who plays the roles of heroes…..cause Tom Hiddleston is my Man of Idol….

  4. Great Actor! Although, I would love to see Kumail Nanjiani in this role! He’s very funny and I think he would give the character new life

  5. lindsay

    there is something wrong with you

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