Comments for Disney World guest attacks taxi driver and then arresting officer over a cigarette

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Credit: Disney


  1. Mmluv

    With alcohol now being served at Disney at every restaurant, quick service, food cart and candy store Disney should get used to these type of incidents happening more and more frequently. What a shame.

    1. Mark

      While this many be people need to know there limit and also remember rules are there for a reason! And so is the sheriff dept And stings on the highway they get caught either way!

  2. Harley

    People can be upset about the new rules but rules are rules dont like em dont go! Not start fights i saw 3 fights today w cms where i was over vaping its like first off new rule your not supose be in park at all… second havent you seen the news young kids are dying its worse than smoking to vape! As a non smoker i dont think any is healthy but i know as a psych some fail to their addictions but these are disney rules! Follow em dont just stop yelling at cms! Or secuirty or worse the sheriff enjoy jail for that all bc you couldnt wait!? Ridculous to me but who am i? Right?

  3. Jackie

    Watch he will be the next to sue disney bc its not his fault its disney fault he got drunk enough to forget the rules and started cursing and hurting people out … i am sure! Sad world we live in i think these things bc its truth!

  4. Gary

    I think they should #TakeHerDownToToontown !

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