Comments for UPDATE: Former Disney employee pleads not guilty to Haunted Mansion theft

haunted mansion theft

Credit: Disney / OCSO


  1. Harley

    Well this whole thing makes no sense most cms know costuming only has costumes if there were costumes backstage i dont want to know what else is living in it!

    1. Mark

      Ent costumes are backstage but no one would be crazy enough to take em bc they have a sp sensor tag like at dept store that beeps as soon as its moved out of building or they use to!
      Though unless the show closed then we asked to keep things or PI closed some people got copies of keys etc. But i wouldn’t go and sell these things they are memories thats for hhn employees whom dont care to sell things on ebay!
      And apparently this dude he seems like a smug cp too whom would try something!

  2. Melanie Durham

    What a horrible thing to do!

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