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  1. Harley

    Becky i love your articles alot but this one we have difference of opinion… For instance loads of people are excited about epcot being 100% again no matter what it brings it will be a fully functional epcot! Many of us never thought we see it in our life times forget us w kids whom are like finally an epcot they will see. I quoted horizons song on the first epcot report bc as a horizons fan as well as someone whom loved walts visions for epcot its finally something! There bringing back the logo and its a great start! Sse is getting a despararely needed rehab and cms are excited after 5-6 yrs of a clunky ride they cant do much about!
    Yes would i have loved another pavilion or dreamfinder to imagination or coco to mexico more than poppins sure but its as much as a pipedream as its going to be something everyone will love. But if walt was alive poppins would have already had a place in uk! Also epcot fans and cms i spoke w are totally excited for it! Finally to have shaded areas and more indoors in future world esp w play pavilion will be awesome. Wonders and land def were a great escape back in the day and its nice to have wonders back in a way. The big issue w yes we only have boats at WS and dont have buses a
    But there are the crowds now that werent there before. there were no festivals could you imagine those buses trying to get around during f&w talk about a lawsuit disney doesnt want!

  2. TimG

    Nothing wrong with your article, BUT

    1. Figment and Dreamfinder could both go as attractions in the park. Their time is up, but nothing wrong with meet and greets featuring the dynamic dual. Or least put them in Play Pavilion.
    2. Decide what to do with Imagination. Keeping it beyond sell date isn’t helping.
    3. D23 announced a lot of placemaking instead of attractions. Attractions should be the primary focus and nice planters and fountains are secondary.
    4. A new country is not as important as bulking up each country with attractions. Use the extra pad between countries to add new attractions for each country.

    That’s all.

    1. Harley

      I am sorry if you found my comment about the article negative it didnt mean to be unlike some people i am a positive person i am sorry to becky if i came off not as such! we are ok to have difference in opinion unless its meant to attack then alot of fans will go on the defense!
      Though i have to say and this might come as a shock but i agree w your pts to a pt.
      1) Dreamfinder and figment should find a new home or their home should get fix or get the boot is there any reason i am riding figment w a huge expose of wires etc. Bad show people bad show!
      2) i find play pavilion an odd choice but in retrospect except for a few show/attraction esque experiences about health wonders was a play pavilion and hiding spot from heat which is needed at epcot!
      3. All needs to be seen if everything from d23 comes in! like i said above many are just excited to have epcot running on all cylinders shade etc are extra stuff! Also cms at sse are excited for a rehab after yrs.
      Though still needed people might hate me for saying this but uofe was boring granted but it was 45 mins sitting in ac your loosing for a roller coaster of sorts via superheros that dont fit epcot! At least moana i can see the nature tie in will fit the land/sea esthetic.
      4. Considering there were other countries that never made it i can see everyones gasp at still didnt happen but maybe they are doing stuff in piece meal bc you know how disney loves to bring em in! Even your pt to bulk up what they have i can see this happening in a sense of we get rid of dead space and move f&w or fest things more inward and permanent i can see that or the odyssey is a restaurant again! I can see that property as a extension of mexico to be coco so its w the pavilion and yet its on thing sort of land of living/ land of dead.
      I dont know if thats what you meant but thats my bonus 2 cents.

      1. Melanie Durham


      2. Randy

        New ideas are all good. I just like concentration on new stuff rather than replacing old stuff if it isn’t needed for a good reason. Tearing up all the front will be nice to walk thru for about ten seconds but nothing for future entertainment.
        If it gets to be boring just skip it for a few trips. Then come back and relive the old times or entertain your kids or guests who may not have been here before or in recent memory. But if they instead do new then new people get double the entertainment and Disney invests more in new without ruining the old.

    2. Brad

      The only part of this article I agree with is the shade. It can be a miserable walk around the park. Too much concrete and not enough green. Part of which it looks like they are fixing in some areas of the park. As for the buses, too dangerous. On most good days the paths are lined with people. Making for a risky drive for someone. Someone else has already mentioned expanding existing countries with attractions before adding another country. Don’t get me wrong I would love to see a new country but my family walks past some counties because all they have is food and shops. I want to see the culture. As cheesy as Donald Duck is in Mexico, it’s still a great experience to see some of the culture. I’m Looking forward to stepping out over the rooftops of London with Mary and Bert and riding through the kitchen on Ratatouille. Epcot is our favorite park and we are looking forward to the changes.

  3. frostysnowman

    I agree with the part about adding more trees, benches, umbrellas, etc., around World Showcase to provide more areas of shade and rest. That’s about it.

  4. Don

    Odd that someone mourning the loss of the Dreamfinder would opine that Mary Poppins is past her expiration date.

    1. Melanie Durham

      Right?! Lol

  5. Steve

    Here’s my thoughts on your thoughts:
    1) I agree that the Imagination pavilion needs some love in a bad way. I’m cool dreamfinder coming back, but for me the issue is revamping that pavilion. Disney considers itself to be one of the most creative and imaginative companies on the planet (which they are), and they have a whole pavilion where they can create the most unique experience ever, and you come up with that. The other thing is, just because it wasn’t announced at D23, doesn’t mean it’s not on the drawing board.
    2) adding countries are much harder than people think. Because the cast that works there are made up of folks from those specific countries, it falls under the same guidelines as creating an embassy. The host country (or company from within that country) would have to put up a percentage of the initial building costs and continued maintenance costs (the cost goes up if you add an attraction). Until Disney can lock down those funds needed to build, you’ll have lots of plans, but no countries.
    3) The promenade is meant to be open. If you Walk through the countries there is plenty of shade, but adding a sea of umbrellas would take away from the uniqueness of the countries. I can go for some more trees, but space is limited there, especially during festivals. Adding trees along the water will block views of the spectaculars. If all you’re doing is wondering around the promenade then you missed the point of the world showcase.
    4) I agree transportation can be better around the WSC but the busses are not the way, especially with how crowded the promenade is. The idea of another peoplemover is a good one, but I’d rather spend the money on other attractions. Revamp the water taxis and make them more efficient and you’ll get movement around the showcase.
    5) I’m all for the mary Poppins attraction. Tony Baxter originally thought of this idea a while back, but it’s just as timely now as new films are being introduced and the 60th anniversary of the original being right around the corner from opening date (2024). Disney fans clamor for new family attractions, then don’t like it if they’re not exactly what they want. There are 1000’s of great ideas for new Epcot attractions, but not all of them will see the light of day. You talk of newer stories and characters being integrated and I totally agree, but there the need for Disney is too look at how something will translate 20yrs from now. We know mary Poppins still resonates…will inside out? Will Wall-e (my favorite movie BTW)? It’s a balance that the imagineers are pretty good at, but there’s never a lack of new ideas.

    And remember this isn’t Epcot’s final plan, it’s just the start. Disney is notorious for adding new announcements during the process. So you can never know what will happen. In the short term for Epcot…they need to build the new Starbucks in a hurry! Lol! Thanks for letting me send a rebuttal.

    1. Harley

      Its also not the end bc this is just for the 50th but wdw wants to keep people coming so i agree its just going to be nice to see an epcot that reminds me of my past and share that w my kid vs i was beginning to worry he only have my knowledge and not see epcot 100%.
      I enjoy your pts!

  6. Michael G

    I miss Dreamfinder also and Imagination has never been as good as the original, but the rest of your article really “misses the mark”

    At the risk of repeating what others have said here, Mary Poppins maybe “old” but it it much better remembered and loved than some of your other suggestions. (Around the World in 80 day?! Really?!) And I resent the labeling of us older fans as “yesteryear”. This obsession with all things new is misguided. Just because something is new doesn’t automatically make it better.

    Disney has never added a country without the sponsorship of the host country and I suspect that is the reason we haven’t seen anything added since Norway.

    As already pointed out, trying to put buses back now would be a logistical nightmare with the current crowds. And adding something like a PeopleMover would totally destroy the views, ambiance and atmosphere of the area.

    Likewise, while I’d love to see more shade, adding more trees around the lake would make watching the nighttime fireworks, etc. even more difficult. Maybe some kind of retractable shades could be devised.

    1. Harley

      Not to beat dead horse but the buses were around when WS had no true appeal as it does now where there foot traffic jams every other country! A bus would never get through its the reason why tapestry though an amazing promising thought didnt last bc of the traffic hold up it cause!
      Fireworks and shade by trees is also why states have laws about fireworks safety hazard/fire hazard! Yes one would think gravity etc would go back down into barge or water or ??? But they cant guarentee that and they think ahead in that sense!

  7. Laura

    100000% agree about the trees, or lack thereof all over the property! we just got back and commented all week long about how there is a severe problem with lack of shady places to escape the heat and sun. and don’t even get me started on benches! benches used to be all over, no it’s a scavenger hunt to find one!

  8. Randy

    Only partially agree. Two or three new countries would be first preference. And a people mover would be awesome and perhaps the most visible and functional and needed additional option. But I love the Mary Poppins idea. Just need more like it. Countries without at least some movie or other attraction seem like a waste. So England will be great. But Germany and Japan and Africa and others are just junk stands. There are probably space limits but even something simple would be welcome. France will be awesome going forward.
    And I am fine with Figment. It could be better but we all love Figment. I remember the prior one and thought this upgrade was not quite as good but it was not a disaster and it seemed to move better. So I would much rather see additions rather than replacements or upgrades to current stuff. Except of course movies. No reason this should not be upgraded at each venue annually or even have three or four rotated during the day so you could always have something fresh. With all the new theater protects in the Disney fold, they should be able to produce some movie shorts that could be changed digitally with the push of a button. The need for shade is obvious but the people mover could easily incorporate some of that. It would then be an even more super attraction.

  9. Melanie Durham

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions! Thank you for taking the time to write this article!

  10. Denise Giardello

    I love the idea of the people mover at Epcot. It really should go all over the park, connecting WS to the lands. Maybe have one line that just brings people around the WS and another bring people to the front of the park. The way to minimize the intrusion of these ways of transport, is keep them behind the countries. I would love to see an attraction at every country. Disney has so many fantastic movies but how many are still relevant to today’s youth? Chitty, Chitty, bang, bang, is awesome, and a flying car would be a cool ride, but is that movie a dinosaur?

    I would love to see a few additional countries, but let’s start with adding attractions to the standing countries. I love simulated rides, if there isn’t room for a traditional ride, the countries could always do something simulated. I would also like to see more in park transportation. A ferry that might go from Ws to the front of the park, and somehow make a ride out of it, but that’s a huge undertaking. They could do a cool futuristic on ground rail road to transport people around the park.

    I loved the train at MK. Have the trains behind the countries so not to have that extra traffic in front. can’t do buses ,park too crowded. and YES, more benches at every country, nowhere to sit and get out of the sun outside. Put up those huge umbrellas?, above the benches or shady trees . yes, people hate them, but the views at Epcot are beautiful, would love to rest and relax a bit , eat my ice cream and people watch for a few. but maybe Disney thinks if you are sitting you aren’t buying? Oh, and benches in the area between the lands and WS. worried no one is buying? Put some snack carts by the benches. I also have an issue with rides /attractions being taken away and replaced. Plenty of room for additions. One thing I love about Epcot is ride cues are inside, no waiting in that cruel sun.

    Epcot wants to change and grow? Put up a huge outdoor rollercoaster. Maybe in America, and have it resemble the Coney Island Cyclone. Or another famous roller coaster in the US. Just my 2 cents.

    1. Harley

      You cant have a train thats backstage area is minimal to say the least. Its enough space for cm bus to get cms around the countries to wrk. If they didnt have the bus they have different cms passing between different countries and thats bad show to wdw! Its why mk was built w an underground! And epcot has buses from cast parking near test track. Dhs cms are told to wait till there isnt that many guests around and quickly get across to next backstage area (worked at dhs i know). Also the main perimeter road aka where the hotels are, the gondolas will be running, majority of traffic going to dhs etc. Is only the bus road and few trees away actually thanks to the gondolas alot of those trees are gone that you can see the counties bc they are that close! As a fan of trains i think the idea is classic but the bounderies of epcot wont make it work i think thats there default w another country there are tech only 2 openings w many countries on the table!

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