Comments for Millions of parents name kids after Disney characters — would you?

simba and nala

Credit: Disney


  1. Harley

    I have but i cleverly covered it w my grandpas name in middle so i can say my kids named after someone… and not a mansion ghost!
    Its your choice as a parent yes naysayers will go well they have to live w it yea but its also good to start them off w a life lesson of its good to be you and different!

  2. Thomas

    I don’t see an issue with choosing a name inspired by a Disney character. I’m called Thomas, and if I knew I wasn’t named after my dad and grandad, I’d be happy to think I was named after Thomas O’Malley from ‘The Aristocats’. There are some lovely names used by Disney, so long as people don’t go too daft like Slinky or Oogie Boogie, then why not?

    1. Film Fan

      If I had a daughter, I’d name her Ariel or Molly (Andy’s sister from Toy Story), and if I had a son, maybe Jack (named after Jack-Jack) or Eric.

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