Comments for Disney cancels showtimes for the Muppets at Magic Kingdom

The Muppets

Credit: Disney


  1. Aaron

    The Muppets are amazing and still so entertaining and so beloved!!! They span multiple generations, it’s one of the few things that grandparents parents and children can all still smile about and still smile about together. I hope that Disney decides to honor what the Muppets mean to people.

    1. Mark

      While i agree and love the muppets its in a real bad spot in liberty square it causes a traffic jam when its crowded… also its always in a heated spot and its been really hot lately like not normal heat indexes and i hope disney will bring it back eventually and this is just bc safety in heat. I heard during these times from fellow ent managers sometimes parades are cut short or dancers are told they could take breaks and just walk.

  2. Sharon Cz.

    I loved the muppet show about American history! Not everyone rides roller coasters; many of us really enjoy the shows and entertainment. Disney needs to remember that sometimes those of us who love entertainment over the thrill rides are the very ones who decide upon and plan the family vacation. And the muppets appeal to all ages! Please bring back the muppet history to MK!

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