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walt disney studios tour

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  1. Big Hero Me

    This is no joke, but back in the 90s my family and I got to wander the backlot and studios all by ourselves.
    We were there in the middle of December when production was shut down. The place my mom worked was selling some special Disney product. In trying to get stores to carry their merchandise, Disney said that if you did, you could come down for a studio tour. So we did.
    When we got there, security said they knew of the offer but nobody had really showed up for it before so they hadn’t really put anything together for it. Instead they said, go park there and do whatever you want. The facility was like 80% empty.
    So we ate in the commissary where the actors go, got to wander the Boy Meets World and some Whoopi Goldberg set. Also went into the props department (alone!). I got several pictures with a ton of Rockateer and 20,000 League props. Got to wear sunglasses Tom Cruise wore in some Disney movie.
    We also met Dave (who was the archivist at the time), saw the big building with the giant dwarf statues (the ONLY place we got turned away at) and roamed around the animation department (which was nice, but really office-y, not like the colorful tour one at MGM.)
    It was so cool. Suffice to say an awesome day trip.
    That’s all.

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