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Cameron Boyce descendants tribute and Cameron Boyce smiling

Credit: Bailee Abell / ITM / Disney


  1. Love u to know what have seizures have. Them to praying for the family im. 50 yr old med. For take med for my migraine and seizures been problem my whole life sry

  2. Sharonda Milburn

    I think it’s wonderful awsome it’s so so hard loosen any1 but some1 so young it’s just extremely had and talented and he was doing so much to help others with his fame and he didn’t have 2 that spoke volumes I watched him in Jesse’s AND now the descends and he was great and it broke my ❤ tp hear he was gone just like every1 else.IT doesn’t matter how old you are death will come after you.Used to be older folks but not no more
    We have 2 take care of yoursel and our and fam.and friends not saying he didn’t but those who’s not YOU need to cus your never to young or old whem your number is up .Like the lady earlier said she had the same thing Cameron had and something else she said she has I don’t remember she takes her meds and so do I, I take alot and it’s a pain and day’s I don’t wan’t to but I do but I try not 2 give up and neither did Cam.so God bless him and continue 2 pray 4 his family the Disney and his blood fam.and us the family .they have a long way to go Thanks Disney peace love and blessings God bless us all ✌??.

    1. Desmond Hill

      Hey sharonda I don’t wanna make u upset, but here’s the the truth u should know. I watched the Disney dance party. And that was cameron boyce. Back from his family when he died, his mom was so sad he died that she cremated him from his ashes. Don’t be sad. He still alive taking his time to step to us again after tragic event.

  3. It’s hard to lose someone that is young like him when i found out that he passed on i cried and cried and then cried at school cause i have someone that has these and that is my sister . I watch old clips of Jessie Descendants. He was the one that i always watched in jeesie and descendants ?

  4. It just broke my heart when cameron boyce died. I was in disney last year and i was glad i met him at a event there but i just feel very bad for his costars from jesse and descendants franchise because they knew him very well. I get seizures sometimes that i take medicine for and im about to turn 20 in december so all of his friends family and fans should donate to his foundation and keep his legacy alive.

  5. Nieshia

    I miss Cameron so much, he was one of my favorite actors on jessie and the decedants franchise

  6. Suzanne Patterson

    I loved you in all three descendants movies and Jessie you will be missed

  7. I miss Cameron Boyce and all he wanted to have was a great life and one thing I watch the Descendants movies and I love it when Cameron was with Brenna D’amico because I would say Jarlos was really cute.

  8. I just miss you so much Cameron Boyce and you are a great person and descendants and Jesse

  9. We just miss you so much Cameron boys Jesse in descendants answering my prayers and condolences for the family

  10. We just miss you so much Cameron boys Jesse in descendants answering my prayers and condolences for the family

  11. Savanna canafax

    Cameron I miss you I watch Jessie and decendence 1,2,and 3 every day . I wish this didn’t happen to you. Condolences to the Boyce family

  12. Crystal L. Gan

    Going to miss you Cameron you will always be my favorite in all you’ve done. My condolences to his family and friends. R. I. P. Cameron keep heaven smiling!???

  13. Breannna Chavis

    Cameron, you will always be remembered as a child i always watched descendants and i will honor you and love you always follow my instagram @breanna_nicole_louise_chavis

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