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anton ego

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  1. Eric

    This is exactly what I’ve been saying this whole time! When the original director was removed from the project and Bird took over, they basically started over with the story but had to meat the same deadline, so they almost certainly reused CG models wherever they could.
    Besides, this fan theory cheapens a key message of the movie. It implies that the main reason Anton Ego loves Remy’s cooking so much is because it’s literally just his mother’s cooking, instead of the fact that powerful works of art form personal connections with people and can evoke deep emotions. Ego loves Remy’s ratatouille dish not because it’s the same recipe he ate growing up, but because it brought about in him the same feeling he got when his mother would make him comfort food when he hurt himself. That’s what art does!

  2. Emily

    Pixar fan theories are just ridiculous and need to stop right now because for many years they’ve done nothing but ruin the films and have since then all but gone too far. So no, I’m not a fan of them because those theories are wrong. For instance, Andy’s mom’s real first name is actually Jennifer; she was never Jessie’s previous owner. I mean if you look real closely at the two red hats Andy and Emily wear, you would find that while Emily’s hat was round like Jessie’s, Andy’s hat on the other hand has more of a tip point on one end like Woody’s. So no, it is definitely not the same hat. (Ironically, I’m wishing I had a Jessie doll in my Pixar collection…and my name is also Emily! But I’d rather be kept anonymous should anyone ever share this comment, so please cross it out but don’t confuse the two…okay?) Other fan theories I hate include the ones about “witch Boo”, “Nemo’s non-existence”, “WALL-E’s cannibalism/villainry”, “Carl’s afterlife/coma”, and all of the Cars theories saying that the franchise takes place in the future…among many others. Sorry, but they’re just wrong. All plain wrong. I’m tired of debunkers like myself getting constantly bashed by theorists for supposedly “ruining their fun” and/or “just not getting it” (yes, I put both of those claims in quotations for a reason), because that’s certainly not the case here: Rather, we’re just trying to point out every single flaw found within each of those theories and wish that people would just stop believing them, because the theories are not facts. They do not really blow your mind like theorists want you to think, because their secret agenda is to turn audiences against the true emotions that make up these films…and instead expect you to see them the other way as in of the total opposite, all the while attempting to ruin your childhoods in the process. This nonsense has got to stop, and I mean now. Onward and Soul cannot (and should not) be allowed to end up on the “single universe timeline” because not every Pixar film is actually connected to each other–in fact, some of them are actually taking place within parallel/alternate worlds/dimensions and not the same set of timelines as the Toy Story films. Also, this whole thing is entirely Cracked.com’s fault, because their so-called “apocalypse”video is exactly where Jon Negroni got that stupid idea in the first place! Speaking of which, I don’t even know why Jon Negroni decided to turn the whole thing into a book AND profit off of that flawed fan theory in the first place! But fan theories are not meant to be profit material, plus his tie-in story “The Pixar Detective” was never officially canon anyway…it’s just a fan canon. The real official canon stories belong to the “Laugh Factory” and “Recharge” comics, as well as Disney Press publication books like “A Real Stretch” and the “Merida” chapter book series. So the next time you hear SuperCarlinBrothers say, “There is no disproving of the Pixar Theory.”, don’t listen to them–because that is where they are wrong. Seamus Gorman is also wrong about the “short films creating problems”, as you should already know by now that the toilet seat cover supposedly looking like Sulley’s fur is actually that of an aificial material–look underneath any toilet seat cover you find in a store and all of their tags will read “100% nylon” on them. It’s time for all Pixar fan theories to come to an end now. Time to stop the entire fan theory trend altogether!

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