Comments for Because of Eisner, Bob Iger wasn’t a favorite contender for Disney’s CEO

Bob Iger and Mickey Mouse

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. Harley

    And in many peoples eyes hes the puppet master and still isnt! Eisner had his moments but things were still better esp park side then they are now! It makes me actually miss him. He was a better buiness man in ways and could handle vs money talks and thats it! Who cares about everything else!

    1. Mark

      Couldnt agree more harley!
      And at least w eisner we at least still had an epcot and studios that stood on its own 2 legs wo the etc.

  2. Steve B

    Touchstone was not purchased by Eisner. It was a brand created by Disney in order to release PG rated films without using the Disney brand. Furthermore, it was created before Eisner became CEO.

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