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  1. Harley

    Ty for this article its true and it also brings light to the unstrung heros the cms that are ride out! Ride out crews and cm as you could imagine would probably love to be safe at home but they are their bc they love their job enough they want to be their to help you and keep the guests safe!

  2. Amber

    I hadn’t been to Florida in over ten years but booked a trip for September 2017. Me and a friend (who’d never been there) were faced with Irma on our first week. Pretty sure we’d only been there a day or two – hadn’t seen the news or heard anything, found out through family back home in UK. We were staying on property at WDW and we literally had no choice but to stay put. We spoke several times with the cast members who were all incredible and who despite must have been anxious themselves did their upmost to assure us we would be kept safe and informed. We were at old key West so were isolated to our room to ride out most of the storm but in the lead up, they offered food packages, plans and entertainment. The day after the night it passed through (that we’d spent most of it confined to the bathroom floor – sounds ridiculous but we were on an end block and the noise was overwhelming to experience. The bathroom gave us the safety we seemed to need to get through!) Cast members came around and were clearing up but also checking in with guests which we were most grateful for. Every step of the hurricane we were kept informed and looked after. We were absolutely helpless to ourselves and they did everything they could to keep us calm. I’d refused to look at the news to know the full scale as I simply just needed to get though it the only way I knew to. I was updated from back home and they also had contacted Disney with concerns to which were addressed.
    I simply cannot fault any actions of the WDW company during Irma and have a huge respect and admiration for the dedication, kindness and support its cast members gave us during the hurricane. This article is spot on and although I’d rather (like most) not had to experience such an event I am eternally grateful that I was staying on property and remained safe for the duration. I hope those in Dorian’s path stay safe and well and it’s destruction isn’t as predicted. Stay safe.

  3. Val

    In 2008 we went to Disney during tropical storm Fay that made 4 landings in Florida. Anyway, people cancelled their trips, and park was pretty empty. We had a blast. There was a constant mist/drizzle but you didn’t mind. It was cloudy the whole day but again, we preferred that to strong sun. We went on all rides with minimal if any wait time. On some we just stayed in seats bc no one boarded next ride. Best time ever. Last day it cleared up and parked was packed.

  4. Ro

    We rode out Hurricane Charlie in Disney back in the day. We watched in horror and amazement at the idiots argued when with the lifeguards and refused to get out of the pool because they “weren’t going to let ‘a little rain’ ruin vacation.” We watched the trees almost bend in half. I have to say, Disney was wonderful during that storm, keeping us supplied with flashlights, water, and towels for in front of the door. They encouraged us to stay put, explaining that if we stayed, they had a way to evacuate us if necessary, but if we left and were in the road, they couldn’t help us. The CMs were great. I wish anyone in Dorian’s path God Speed. Stay safe!

    1. Jackie

      I was at the pool at saratoga recently and this was during a wk in june where all we had was nonstop rain! Like bad and i went down to the pool on the slight sun min then the clouds rolled in i rain out of there just in time for some old lady to go “dont worry lifeguards will come tell us we need to move” btw this is at the “other pool” without a lifeguard i told her nicely that they have to close the other pools first and theres lighting over there i wouldnt chance it! I dont know no one told me to move yet! Omg!
      Its like a cm i overheard once say safety = your alive but if you want to chance it your life just dont sue wdw later bc i said stay safe and inside!

  5. Mark

    I remember during my days at wdw as ent cm my show theatre was the storm proof zone and disney was silly enough to open for the calm before the storm! Lets just say in the honorable words of yoda failure is the greatest teacher! And now your all safe in your hotels! They do still train cms i believe jic what rides are safe for ride out zones but for the most part wdw will close but ride out crews are the unstrung heros! Lots of times they will be doing it for you the guests and its always best to treat em w kindness!

    1. Harley

      Omg i remember this safety training bc a few of the attractions i worked were… i remember going we work during hurricanes … only if your ride out… then why do we have to know where the safety spots are??? But then i remember my days as a guest you wouldnt believe it but even as many times i got stuck in a reg storm i was glad they had those in play and cms are trained! As we always said safety D begins w me!

  6. Karen

    We were at disney for Irma. It was twords the end of our trip. We spent 2 days confined to our resort which was animal kingdom villa’s. We had games and movies in the lobby. The resort turned the arcade games to free play, Mickey and Minnie had dance parties and the restaurants had hurricane themed food and drinks. The lobby store never ran out of supplies and cast members came around asking if we needed any towels or other toiletries. The day after the storm was the second day we were basically confined be cause of clean up. The only issue we had was beyond disney control because a tree got knocked over at the pool it stirred up a bees nest and if you were wearing floral print anywhere near that area you were buzzed. I wouldnt go down on purpose but it was a good experience.

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