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Walt Disney World 50

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  1. Mark

    After having a hoot on the other article comment about this i take back what i said bc as harley reminded us all anything is better than the 25th cake! So bring on the werid glittery 50th! ?

    1. Harley

      Your the one that turned it into another horizons has a sinkhole moment! ?
      Btw i kinda like the colors!

      1. Jackie

        Oh i heard it as a few others like aec too scary for you and shade at epcot what about dhs and dak etc. ?
        Btw i love the logo and all thats coming like you said on another comment harley it brings hope which us wdw fans have been waiting for a long time!

    2. Mickey

      I’m looking forward to a lot of things there. Will Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Train opens, will it be considered as Tier 1 too?

      1. Harleyley

        This is my opinion but i think fp+ is very flawed the app is just as so and bc people abused gac we have das but yes once all swge and railroad open it will be tier 1 w ALL RIDES (why it bothers me and lots or dhs fans bc why are attractions that have been open for yrs now going to be tier 1 unlike other parks that have only new in 1?) And tier 2 is shows. This hopefully will change maybe by 50th we wont have every attraction w fps or they will fix it maybe virtual lines will be the new world? Considering though thats how das operates it wont make us whom need the system happy w that but you cant make everybody happy is a business after all! And learning from mistakes is part of it!

  2. Craig Cormier

    What about Mary Poppins, The Moana Water Experience and the new World Showcase Pavillion?

    1. Mark

      Epcot has enough of its own article and comments to bring it up here.

  3. Mandi

    Any talk about when the celebrations will start and for how long they will be going on for? Will it start on or about Oct 1 2021 and go from there into 2022 or will it be for the year of 2021?

    1. Harley

      Like said on another pg i would think w rides opening early i wouldnt doubt they would but for sure a yr so oct 2021 till 2022. This being 50th they could go another dl did! And like we joke above about the 25 cake they couldnt deconstruct it so it just happened!

  4. Melanie Durham

    I’ll be there!

  5. When exactly will the 50th celebration begin?
    I want to begin my planning!

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