Vegetarian and vegan food guide for Walt Disney World’s table service restaurants

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Sometimes it can be a struggle for vegetarians when figuring out where you want to eat. Always scoping out the menu ahead of time, trying to see if there is anything available that you’ll enjoy.

Thankfully, Walt Disney World is very accommodating and offers numerous vegetarian (and vegan) options all throughout the property! We put together a dining guide of the top vegetarian meals at sit down restaurants to help make planning dining reservations a little easier for your next trip.

Ohana Breakfast

Many people don’t realize that Ohana offers an entire vegan breakfast option! Service starts off with the famous ‘Stitch Juice’, which is a mixture of passion, guava, and orange juice, as well as a fresh fruit plate.

Ohana breakfast
Credit: Disney

Inform your server that you are vegan, and they will bring out an entire skillet, just for you! Filled with plant based sausages, mung bean ‘egg’, roasted potatoes, and of course, Mickey waffles. (The Mickey waffles are also gluten free.)

And of course, Ohana’s breakfast wouldn’t be complete without a visit from Lilo, Stitch, Pluto, and the main mouse himself, Mickey!

Sci-Fi Dine-In Lunch

This one’s a classic. The atmosphere is one of a kind, which makes this restaurant a must do every trip. And now, they offer both vegetarian and vegan options!

For starters, they offer a delicious ‘crabless’ cake paired with veggie slaw and vegan rémoulade.

Moving onto entrees, we recommend either the vegan tofu lettuce wraps or the vegetarian falafel burger (which can also be made vegan by removing the tzatziki sauce and red pepper aïoli.) Both are great choices and will leave you feeling satisfied.

sci-fi dine in lunch
Vegetarian Falafel Burger (Credit: Disney)

Garden Grill Lunch

Garden Grill is probably one of the most under rated table services on Walt Disney property. From the atmosphere to the food, you will be thinking “why have we never eaten here before?” (Especially for all the vegetarians and vegans out there!)

Located inside The Land pavilion, this character meal is served family style, and rotates throughout your meal! While you are enjoying a perfect lunch with the family, you will be able to view various scenes from Living with the Land, from the desert to the rain forest.

Garden Grill
Credit: Disney

Start off with vegan rolls served with vegan butter, and a fresh mixed salad. The main course is a skillet filled with vegan meatloaf topped with vegan cream sauce, rice, green beans, corn, and French fries. And if you still have room left, you can ask for the vegan dessert, which is a shortcake-type dessert topped with a berry sauce and paired with fresh fruit.

Trail’s End Dinner

We all know the famous Chef TJ and how much of an impact he has had on this restaurant. Unfortunately, Chef TJ has moved over to Cape May Café, but Trail’s End is continuing to provide excellent options for vegetarian and vegans.

Disney´s buffet restautant
Credit: Disney

Once seated, make sure to ask for a vegetarian/vegan menu and request to speak to the chef, as well. If you ask for the chef, he will come out and walk you through the buffet, pointing out everything that is made vegan/vegetarian. Some of these options include vegetable soup, fruit, and arugula salad.

For the entrée, most vegetarian opt for the Chef TJ signature grilled vegetable plate. This entrée comes with grilled vegetables including zucchini, Portobello mushroom, onion, and more! The vegetables lay on a bed of fried rice, surrounded by crispy fried tofu.

But you can’t leave dinner without dessert! Trail’s End makes a delicious vegan strawberry shortcake, which will leave your taste buds very happy.

These are only a few of the many vegetarian and vegan options that Walt Disney World has to offer! And remember, even if there is nothing vegetarian or vegan on the menu, always ask the server. Typically, they will bring you a special vegetarian/vegan menu, or they will send out the chef who will always accommodate best they can.

What are your favorite vegetarian and vegan dishes at Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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