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mickey is sad



  1. Harley

    Not so much fps as dining lots of restaurants will be out months in advance so def make those asap! I agree whole heartly believe me (i been stuck wo reservations at scifi and we are regulars there and they sometimes still wont take us wo reservations)!
    Second agree w the shoe thing it might sound funny its quite painful by the end of the day and if you dont want trips to first aide for bandaids or have blood in shoes i advise aganist it! Also wear appro shoes i like to wear ones wo backs for comfort but forget things like soarin etc those babies must come off and now you pray your feet dont smell (sweating all day at theme park walking around chances are they do) and now your embarrassed!
    3rd hydration and this means water people you might be like me a prefer not to drink it but soda,powerade, tea, sugar drinks (those at jofferys that claim to be smooties or yes pandora fav night blossoms) are only going to dehydrate you quicker!
    Can i add which i know merch never helps w but light colors when its hot anything to keep cool!

    1. Mark

      You forgot not complaining about how much it sucks as a fan to be investing in the money hungry world wdw is and not walts dream and put on a smile as you pay for your $35 shirt!

      1. Harley

        Save money the outlets are up the street or ask a good friend whom has art skills to make merch shirts its not that hard! And if you do not want to go then dont no one is forcing you!

        1. Melanie Durham


  2. Susan Robinett

    A Disney vacation has to be a planned vacation. That’s just how it is. Plan it and then enjoy it. I don’t feel sorry for the grumoy adults. I feel sorry for their children.

    1. Harley

      Weather vaca or just day trips for annual/locals planning is the key though somethings cant always be stuck to plans. You make a great pt Susan! Even if its day trip we even make sure we end up in spots for a rest and not just food break so no one gets crabby bc there is no return to resort opt all the time!

  3. Deni

    Does Disneyland have free pre fastpass planning yet?

    1. Harley

      I think fp max is pay and thats the only pre system its not like online fps are still paper there! They even have the old guest assist system still too! I checked for my future vaca thats what they told me but dont take me for inference.

  4. Mark

    Can i just stand in the middle of mk and scream
    “F this park and the rest of this nightmare thats not the wdw i know!”?

    1. Harley

      I hope your kidding if not enjoy disney jail its right above main street hopefully you wont have to go too far! Are you sure your on the right website!? Ghezz calm down!

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