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    Melanie Durham

    How exciting!!!!

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    Oh I was hoping it would be announced soon!! I knew Nintendo Land was delayed so it could go into the 4th park. Cant wait to see what other themes there will be!

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    So via the map the new resort is old wet n wild property and the new park is that clearing by the outlets and the other fun spot on the other side of i4 ???
    Or am i not looking at the map right???
    Very intrested to see what comes out of the new park besides nintendo i heard dragons and monsters were going there def not having it on property proper but up the street very interesting!

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    And there it is. Glad they didn’t go with ‘Fantastic Worlds’ (which just sounded like they were planning to just go And Now For More Harry Potter). It’s interesting to see just how big this thing’s footprint is, though. No wonder they’re implying there’s going to be a lot of ‘lands’… they should have plenty of space to do pretty much whatever they like.

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      I know many are hoping for separate parking esp cast bc lots are overcrowded and with it being not tech on property via the map what if you just wanted to visit this park? Its one thing for volcano bay to get a bus to go 2 ft but this is over the highway a good few FL lights and locals know FL lights arent pretty i rather turn and go straight into new park dont know about you? Even my friends whom work uni say they are hoping for team parking there they arent going to be waiting for a bus to pick them up and then be late!

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    I dont konw whats getting more laughs the fact its not truly on property so there goes its potential to help out w hhn! Though that could be the reason for the amount of space left or the names and i thought the new dvc resort reflections was lame… fun in the summertime really??? I hope thats a joke! Honestly epic universe even has employees laughing!

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    amanda s.

    I believe they should cut carbon-emissions by building a monorail-type system between the original park and the new site. If I wasn’t a local resident, I wouldn’t be too happy about having to hop on Kirkman or Universal and wait on traffic to get to the new site.

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      I hear ya amanda and thats why i hope they have a separate lot or something but unfortunately unlike wdw whose monorail is going over honestly greenery and over world dr for 5 secs this would have to go over i4 and that besides time and money probably wouldnt be worth it besides i4 has enough construction on it that never ends!

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    Disney is gonna retaliate with something that will outshine this. I just know it.

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      I hear you but i still dont understand retaliation??? Is wdw at war w uni??? They are both theme parks in the orlando area but they are built for different clientele as much as seaworld and bgt are!
      Its the fans that make them out to get the other my park is better than yours bs etc. But then forget theres other parks and amusement out there! Sorry but to me uni is in the same line as seaworld and bgt they have roller coasters thrills more geared towards adults (not starting arguement but uni even “kiddie” attractions are no one under 40 inches and bgt even has a halloween event thats just as big as hhn). Where wdw is for everyone! Wdw has there 50th and probably something else to answer yes but its not a comp! There big businesses and as long as people go and there are $$$$$ they dont truly care!

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    Within the rumored monster section is it going to be all monsters get to haunt or just specific??? Would love a boat ride w creature!

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