Comments for Universal files patents for new tower rides: Are they creating their own Tower of Terror?

Universal patent tower ride


  1. Harley

    They already have a drop tower at IOA though tech thats in the marvel section so not exactly theres either but still its nothing new to be making headway out of….

    1. Joe

      The second one sounds like the long overdue Ministry of Magic ride.

  2. Brendan

    Looks like it could be a Donkey Kong Ride, like the old school platform game.

    1. Harley

      Omg i forgot Nintendo was rumored for that park… but wouldnt they want that land to be spilt wo height restrict and some w??? Theres a rumor the coaster is dragons or jw??? They have to know just like nintendo those esp dragons are kiddie friendly more than adult…. i dont know if i was in charge of attractions a&d i would be like ok whose my audience more!? Though knowing most of the other parks even have restrictions on kiddie rides i dont know what they are thinking!?

  3. T

    This also sounds like it could be a Ministry of Magic elevator ride, with the rooms on top of each other

  4. Ryan M

    I hope this is a horror ride. Maybe a haunted house type environment in rumored Universal Monsters.

    1. Mark

      Ryan you just sent this discussion back to wear it started monster theme or not its back to being compared to tower doubt uni wants that! I think whatever it is if its that similar it will be unfortunately with the love tower has … uni will stand ridiculed!

  5. I could see the connected with the rumored Dracula darkride at Epic Universe with the tower section being integrated into the castle-part

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