Comments for Universal Orlando guests flash Nazi salute while riding Mummy attraction

Universal Orlando

Credit: Universal Orlando


  1. kathleen decicco

    Thanks Trump!

  2. knobody

    nazi salute and doing stupid things to draw attention and/or irritate people pre-date trump.

    1. Mark

      This includes all the hate etc. Its always been there its called stop falling asleep during american adventure at epcot and learn some history and in that hope for this nation and stand by each other instead of all this nonsense!

      1. frostysnowman

        I wouldn’t call the American Adventure a great place to learn American history. I do think it’s a great place to nap, and that doesn’t mean I disrespect the United States. It means I think that show is dorky.

  3. Harley

    You have American Adventure confused w HOP at mk sorry thats dorky and boring as all hell and i still do not get why its there!
    American Adventure is informative and help me past my us history regents in ny w flying colors when i still lived there! If you do not like AA your opinion but to calling it nerdy and dorky is actually completing it more in your negativity! Bc thats what epcot was before ipcot took a stand! Epcot was for learning and still is in some ways esp World showcase!
    I came here to comment how this got on a uni comment but i get where mark was going and frosty entitled to opinion but note american adventure as much as orginal epcot has a huge fanbase that easily takes offense so your lucky i am one of the calm ones!

  4. Harley

    To comment at the article and get back on queue… whats really sad is that its not just the nazi hand raise a few are even saying F you in ASL w there other hand (its also means that in other language jic you wsnted to know why its not pc to give the ok symbol in public)! That just ups the anty and glad uni took care of it!

    1. Mark

      That just made it 10x worse the hate so many have its insane hell in a handbasket my mom always said and nothing changed!

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