Comments for Will Hurricane Dorian be a Galaxy’s Edge party crasher at Disney World?

hurricane dorian disney world

Credit: Disney / FOX News


  1. Harley

    I hope everyone remains safe!

    1. Mark

      And if at the parks listen to cms and or hotel cms and managers for your saftey its #1 priority to keep you safe not have the parks open if they close em bc of the hurricane! I know everyone panics and your here on vacation but i am sure you want to stay safe too!
      Remember to prepare now and stay calm bc panicking doesnt help!

      1. JESUS

        This helped man I’m going to Disney world on friday and found out about the storm.

  2. Jackie

    I have the new book about vi’s mission and batuu its great read so far and is keeping me feeling i am on batuu and yet not panicking about a storm! It will give me something to do too if the power goes out!
    Everyone stay safe and count blessings!

  3. Lisa

    If this thing does come on shore as a Cat 3 storm , and effect the Orlando area the parks of course will close. Dont think otherwise. Poor tourists will b stuck in their hotel .

    1. Mark

      Poor tourists you came during the time of hurricane season… i feel bad for them too dont get me wrong that they came thinking i am going to have fun but you sound like being stuck in a hotel is a bad thing its for their safety their stuck! What if disney said we dont care fine go out into a park w a cat 3 storm you imagine how many lawsuits disney would see…. stuck in the room might suck but they arent alone everyone in fl that i know is either getting out or hunkering down and riding it out! Safety is key not my trip got ruined you decided to chance it during hurricane season i am sorry but its true!

      1. Jackie

        I agree w you mark its sad that peoples vacations are ruined but it is the chances you take to have a vacation! I live in fl but sometimes due to school etc summer is the only time you get! People though should know better i live in fl now and your right the complaints i hear i am stuck etc etc. Your stuck but your safe isnt that better! Besides guests they have to think about their cms safety too! Also in that statement your not the only ones cms are asked to be ride out crews as part of their job jic you need something. Dont you think they rather be safe at home!? Its like you said mark its all about being safe!

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