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New Epcot lands


  1. Harley

    Walt once said “if we can dream we really could do it” this became a beloved theme song to a beloved attraction!
    But this song also continues with these lyrics…
    “Have you ever looked beyond today into the future picturing a world we yet to see”
    These words are just so ponent then as they are today! Many of us wanted our favorites back but we also wanted a new epcot and here we have a 3 new worlds we yet to see at epcot but also a world we know!
    “Have you ever dreamed the dream of the children imagine the magic their minds can see”
    Many of us whom have kids will continue to share w our children epcot center but their epcot journey is just beginning as it began long ago for us. And for those new to their epcot journey millions of possibilities!
    “And it will be a future built with care for you and me a world we all can share”
    Not only the new entrance but harmonioUS and all of world showcase is the perfect example of this… the hope in the unity of what walts dreams for epcot were all about!
    The future begins today and it will be always!

    1. Jackie

      This made me ? ty for this harley it is so true! Love it and love epcot forever! “New horizons for you and for me!”

      1. Mark

        This made me ? too bc it made even more of a pt to say horizons still belongs and will always be relevant no matter what the $$$ wants to say! So hopeful for epcot!

  2. Harley

    I am humbled jackie and mark that i moved you to tears but my kid actually started singing the song as we watched the live feed so its truly my kids thoughts i just typed it!

    1. Mark

      Smart kid there w a great love already for wdw comes from mom obviously!

      1. Harley

        Aww thanks again humbled we as parents all try… also my kid proves never to discredit a sp needs child! ?

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