Comments for “The Rock” takes to the stage at D23 Expo to promote “Jungle Cruise” movie

Jungle cruise film


  1. Mark

    I love the rock and such but when i think jungle skip i think back side of water sarcastic comedian not the rock? We already had daring action saves lovely women the orginal called the African queen… i do not want to see a remake of that i want to see a real version of the jungle cruise! This isnt it and i can just ride the ride! Though heres a thought why isnt emily blunt the skipper??? Shes got great timing!

    1. Harley

      Mark this shouldnt be a suprise to you its not to me they need to stop making movies off of attractions unless they are going to do it right! Name one that work? ?
      Why do you think del toro is begging to make a real mansion movie and fans want it desparately!? This will be the same! But i agree w your thoughts about emily and i know many female skips this past one included that would agree too! The rock is good see jumanji but i still dont see it being jungle cruise level!

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