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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Harley

    So in regards to the chat about the dark colors the jedi wear brown robes luke even wear black for most of return of the jedi! This is nothing to worry about scary enough that doesnt look like rey to me esp in the photo so if it is this could be like maybe like a nightmare image in her head to show her what would happen if she went dark! Maybe thats why shes older and not recognizable if its rey?! If it is bravo to the makeup and design team for this! I am light side but i have to say i am liking the double flip lightsaber! A friend told me she thought maybe she needs to fight the dark w their own wepons etc bc being nice didnt wrk i was like ok but then shes violent and thats not a jedi!
    Though the rain battle plus looks like its big epic end battle and the celebration scene w all the characters looks like the end similar to return of the jedi!
    Considering i always saw parallells to new hope and force awakens maybe JJ is going same here w difference obviously rey doesnt have a vader whose going to prove theres good in him and save his son last min! But she does have to face the palpatine like luke did!
    People are going to say what they want but i been a fan since i was a kid and i can not wait to see how it ends!

    1. Harley

      Ps. The new gal is def lando daughter if shes not i will be shocked! Considering shes w him and dressed like him! Also i am remembering the whole lightsaber calling moment the first thing we see is cloud city being upended then rey being dropped off i wonder if lando will be the insight rey needs or maybe he was hiding her out for a friend… i do not know i am sorry unless a character of the resistance says shes not a family member i am not going to be convienced! Pretty boy wanting rey to rule the world together but then says shes nobody is a good laugh! This also came out of Rian’s i made a star wars movie and called it 8 lets remember! Which to me had 4 good things only: leia using the force to get her back to the ship, luke talking to yoda, luke there but not there see ya around kid to ren, and porgs!

      1. Jackie

        I thought you said your a fan but then you go and say 4 things came out of 8! Unless you mean as it is as 8 and looking at it as just a star wars film its ok?
        I think its ok that way as 8 and its cannon i do not know but i love star wars and i am scared for rey! But things always work out for our heros and i do believe like you said that looks like a celebration! Also i can not see finn poe and all of reys friends letting her go dark!

  2. Mark

    What if its reys clone?
    Or rey is the grey jedi we learned about in rogue one whom will be the true balance? Wonder if we will see or at least get a mention of batuu or even leias inside eyes in starling/magpie! Bc you know disney wouldnt miss the opportunity for plug sadly! Though it wouldnt be as batuu and its stories are cannon. I might be new but i am getting the lingo!

    1. Harley

      Omg no not clones they did that why doesnt ren just become vader like he wants to and be half robot???!!!
      Many are saying its like i said about its a force vision and paplatine uses it to hurt her or say you want to be strong join me… luke had the same temptation and go through this too! Its just a step in becoming a jedi!
      Though someone on a fan site brought up mara jade aka lukes wife (in what once was cannon) and palpatine hide in her mind… What if this isnt rey but her mom and daisy is playing her too bc duh its her mom??? We are supose to be flashing backwards to the knights of ren etc. Remember force awakens cp3o has the red arm what if that links to the red eyes??? Its just thoughts ok as long as we are speculating! Knowing the whole battle between rey and ren is the epic end moment rey doesnt stay dark for long… also we dont know how its edited but disney said thats the end battle its obvious by thats the poster too! Thats the only definite and all of it makes me and my family excited! Though a quick mention of Batuu would be cool i doubt we will see magpie but i am looking forward to reading her book!

  3. Mark

    Better yet what if ren is “the rise of skywalker” and he does go good or hes the grey jedi bc he was good once! Mentioned early in the comments about rey being tested but not having a vader to save her but shes got her friends… poe is heard in another clip we arent letting you go alone or something like that what if it means this moment bc obviously the fight is between them! What if ren helps her too? There was also an interview driver has where he said ren has a heart to heart w leia where is this scene? We seen ren is a mommys boy by the fact he senses her he didnt even shoot the ship last movie to not hurt his mom!
    Its just a thought!

    1. Harley

      I do not see pretty boy ren being good i am sorry for the reason you mentioned w mommy dearest out of the way ren whom never was given a family history lesson to know his grandpa vader saved luke and in turn everyone and got redeemed… so he might go dark even more!

  4. Rebel porg

    I rather see a movie based on batuu which is something new vs the repeative chaos or better yet bring back what was cannon and rewrite these movies as such! The thing they lost by leaving legacy to be cannon is the fact they lost a great story thats already written for what??? Besides people worship these characters its like superheros they are flawed but in a way thats a metaphor bc guess what so are we! Doesnt mean i am going to wield a lightsaber i am communicating with porgs!

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