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The Lion King

Credit: Disney


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    Though these are sad moments i love watching how much stronger it makes the characters affected in the end to the happily ever after and ever after to them whatever it is!

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      But also
      Coco which if you ever lost loved ones is beautiful and sad… Up forget the beginning the whole thing bc i miss my grandpa so i can never watch it! To add a few lilo and stitch half that movie is like omg poor lilo and nani! Brave little toaster at the end in the junkyard they finally find their master to ? not make it (its disney they do but as a kid scream and crying at tv), and even though tech not disney it is distrubed by disneu spirited away has alot of moments that get away from you and play with your psyche!

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    Film Fan

    Where on Earth is the furnace scene from Toy Story 3? That brought certain people to tears. Oh yeah, let’s not forget the film’s ending.

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      This and as a fan of toy story i can not believe i forgot this!

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    Barbara p.

    Old yeller: when the boy realizes that old yeller has rabies and he must destroy/shoot/kill him to keep the disease from spreading although he’s come to love him as a pet.

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    Caryn Jackson

    This article entirely missed Coco when Miguel sings to Mama Coco and Toy Story 3. Cmon now this site is usually right on point but missed some quality moments.

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    Can’t forget the ending of Meet the Robinsons. When the first note of that Rob Thomas song hits, I start crying like a baby! Such a great, and underrated, movie!

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