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star wars blu ray

Credit: Lucasfilm / /Film


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    You know they will just be the Special Editions.

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    You’re missing the point of this re-release. Star Wars has never been released on media with digital copies before due to rights restrictions with Fox. Now that all rights are under one house, they’re just doing a double dip to enable those who want digital copies with their physical media.

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      Also they never came out on blu ray before and some people whom arent digital friendly bc we know its all going to crap out soon… just look at vinyl it made a come back at best buy the other day the guy in computers said he prefers a rom drive computer for backups… to each his on and most people enjoy solid state will be excited for the blu rays this merger cleared us to have!

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        @Mark – What do you mean they’ve never been on blu-ray before??? Every one of these Star Wars films has been available on blu-ray for quite some time. The point about including digital copies, that Savs made, makes sense, but it must have been some time since you shopped for movies if you didn’t know these have been available.

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