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Spider-Man and Deadpool

Credit: Fox/Sony Pictures/Marvel


  1. Deadpool creators need to tone it down if they want to make movie with Spiderman. Perversion and vulgarity should be avoided; it is so unnecessary in a marvel movie. Grow up man!

    1. Apple Jackson

      Wrong. Toning down Deadpool is akin to sewing his mouth shut and we saw how well that worked out last time they tried something stupid like that. If you’re too sensitive to handle it, don’t watch it. Sit home clutching your pearls instead.

  2. Johnny

    Deadpool is a vulgar jokester!!! That is the character from the comics to the cartoons. All the way around that’s the way Deadpool is.Granted yes MCU has their own storyline going for themselves but, if you had Ryan Reynolds pulled back now it would thought off the character. I am extremely excited to see this Trio on the Silver Screen. I am also very interested to see who they put in to take the reins of The Wolverine. I can’t wait for this I have no prospects at this time. I will have to do some thinking about it and get back to you…..

  3. Would be a sick crossover, I can only imagine how high the stakes would be. Now if Disney would only lend us chewy for the next 2 avengers we’re in business. If you or anyone else wants to dye- or finish fabric’s especially for movie sets and plays check us out at colortexnyc.com

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