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Shelley Marie and Oogie


  1. Harley

    Why does dl have all the fun? Thats it my costume just changed! Sold! Though this was me as a kid!

  2. Mark

    Dont goths wear all black?

    1. Harley

      Thats judgemental… no emos and goths can separate from the look at her shes got her emotions in check they also call her a hero so by that sense maybe give her some color vs all black! Look at vampirina shes a vampire and theres color to her outfits! Besides goth and punks kinda are closer then emos and goths! Are we really having this discussion on a disney site gheezz!

  3. Harley

    I have a question about her costume and hair color bc i cant truly see it in the pictures online they are small and the projected ones arent clear??? Anyone have an idea???

    1. Melanie Durham

      I thought you just said in your above reply to the goth/emo stereotype that you saw color….now you’re contradicting yourself! SMH
      It’s looks as though it’s black with a touch of purple and teal. But that could possibly be from the lighting, but honestly, why does it matter??!!

      1. Harley

        It matters bc like i said in my first comment this is my costume bc shelley reminds me of myself as a little girl! I am not contradicting myself i just want to be accurate! Rude thanks!

  4. Mark

    Melaine she can see the purple outfit thats why she was upset by my comment shes not contradicting herself!
    Btw the outfit is from what read elsewhere combo of nightmare and beetlejuice and something else maybe wendy addams so not sure??? But it looks like bj pants purple ringleader jacket and that new triple colored high ponytail thats in that sweetie i never got!

    1. Harley

      Lovely but read somewhere shes chosing her costume thats what the show is about… how ironic! Love it! Mark and mel i am sorry for my vent and rant! Sometimes i get so passionate and i go overboard! Its life and my opinion thats all i got ?

      1. Mark

        No worries hows the costume coming? Or have you waited to see a posting of the show?

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