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Shanghai Disneyland

Credit: Shanghai Disneyland


  1. Harley

    Wonders may never seize to amaze the strange and unusual…. honestly you can not follow rules common sense says sorry your fault not sue disney!

    1. Denise


      1. Harley

        Its a comment board grammar nazi!

    2. Mark

      While i agree its not right to be sue happy left and right… what if its medical?

      1. Harley

        I would think just like in the states its aloud…

  2. Anthony

    honestly the rule shouldn’t be there because it helps some people. I do believe there should be a limit though so that people don’t take advantage of the rule or worse, create a bigger issue out of it like a form of terrorism. I hope the young man wins and maybe help the Asian regions get rid of the rule for the guests to save money. I as a middle class guest would like to be able to save to manage something else at the parks

  3. Steve

    It’s a business. If they don’t want outside food that’s their choice. Follow the rules or don’t go. Why does everyone think they are so entitled?!!

  4. Jaymie

    I was in hong kong and tokyo a couple of months ago and we were able to bring in snacks. I feel snacks should be fine and full on cooler and lunch should be eaten outside the park in a picnic area just like in the spates.

  5. Scott Lee-Ross

    Why should they feel entitled to bring in their own food, even in the US. You can not go into Red Lobster and bring in your McDonald’s or a sandwich from home. Leave the food at home where it belongs.

  6. I’m diabetic I need to watch my salt,sugar, and carbs the food at any of the parks does not have healthy options for people like me so I bring my own snacks and lunch so I’m glad the parks in the states allow me

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