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Star Wars Galaxy´s Edge entrance

Credit: Kurt Schmidt / ITM


  1. Mark

    These are all different experiences for all different people its a bad comparison why do itm article writers want to hurt themselves!

    1. Harley


      1. Jackie

        Besides tsl and pandora when they opened didnt have a hurricane around it so of course things are different!

        1. Paul

          There are so many factors to include:

          1. the boarding parties.
          2. the fact that the land was built to make it feel less crowded with walkways up to 30% larger than in other lands, which was well publicised a good year or so before opening.
          3. the fact that Disney has been warning about how busy it could be has scared a bunch of people I know off from going at all this year.
          4. Term time for schools have now started in the US.
          5. There’s a hurricane approaching – Disney are already securing and covering construction in tarps.
          6. Rope drop at Galaxy’s Edge was at 6am this morning, whereas both Pandora and TSL both opened at 8am.

          There’s a definite rush for media outlets to give sensationalised reports of the success or failure of any new park or attraction these days.

  2. Harley

    Great points paul i would also add its a learning process like it always is yes naysayers will say “but disney been doing this for yrs” BUT each experience is different like mark said each experience is for different groups of people + like you said paul time of yr + no fps we need virtual queues yes/no… the truth is its all learning pandora opening helped tsl and tsl helped batuu and batuu helps whatevers next! They learn and they do what they do best help guests have the best experience in a right amount of time they possibly can esp on opening days when its going to be at its worst vs once open will be a much better judge!

  3. Kit

    I think we have yet to figure out how relevant Star Wars is to todays world. Often times the “Defenders” point to box office to prove a sustained popularity, but when you look at things like Merchandise and Clothing then there has been a severe drop despite this now being heavily marketed by Disney. I hate to say it, but todays kids dont like Star Wars nearly as much as their parents.

    As for Star Wars Land. “Ive been waiting my whole life for this”. A land based off my favorite franchise is a dream come true…. except… it feels more like Fanfic than an actual Star Wars Land.

    No aliens. One ride. 18 gift shops. And the Millenium Falcon picture spot.

    It really does look amazing but their choice to make up their own land and ignore the legacy characters takes away from it actually feeling like Star Wars. So, while its a nice visit, its not necssarily something that most people will want to keep revisiting (like Wizarding World where they picked a familiar setting in order to create an immersive and emotional atmosphere).

    1. Harley

      The issue is people forget that this is now star wars and legacy still lives on w star tours thats why thats not closing! Its also the experience bc the movies are at an end so this will be here to continue and create its own legacy…
      And saying all kids dont like star wars is your opinion but from what i seen by every single jedi training spot is taken by 9/10am and thats even on a light crowd day!
      Also pictures dont lie seen plenty so far and my kid and i love star wars! And we all wouldnt be fans if we werent kids at one pt whom grew up w it bc the love was past or found it ourselves and yet here we are…
      But i understand where your coming from! They said characters arent going to roam bc of crowds amongst other things once things start moving it will all come together look at pandora something changes or they add a new experience.

      1. Mark

        I heard its due to the weather and hurricane coming as well when i went chewie vi rey were all out… a manger i know said opening would be different and i bet it was shorten bc of the storm and it doesnt help dl already opened! If we are going to look at the bigger difference dl came first pandora and tsl are only wdw.

  4. Mark V

    In addition to many of the factors already mentioned, I see 2 more: over-exposure of the intellectual property and vagueness of the land itself.

    Over-exposure: If a Han Solo movie had been released in 1994 people would have waited around the block to see it. Now it’s just “this year’s Star Wars movie.” Disney should be wary of the same thing happening with Marvel movies and the upcoming lands in Anaheim and Paris.

    Vagueness: At Animal Kingdom people go to Pandora, at HS people go to Andy’s backyard, at Universal people get to visit Diagon Alley and Hogwarts. In Star Wars land they visit… Batuu? Not Tatooine, Endor, Cloud City or Naboo.

    1. Mark

      Star tours to dhs is tatooine (shop) and endor (entrance) the ride randomly brings your to other locations thats why its random! Also comics and books are coming out now about batuu! I think its ALL THE CANNON PEOPLE WORSHIP is overexposed this is new and this is a way for people whom are upset star wars is over to continue making their own experience and legacy w the force! There is no need for characters etc bc its YOUR STORY YOUR EXPERIENCE not it needs to be black and white!!!! Its a wdw attraction is never black and white if it wasnt it wouldnt be fun! People wouldnt be going i find that fascinating not vague!

      1. Jackie

        Everyone knows star wars its not vague you want vague or confusing potter is to me i never got it and unless your fan you dont and its full of plotholes and guess what the na lines about potter and esp alley being a ghost town proves and avatar will get there bc what the hell is that movie to some people unless your sci fi!? But toy story and star wars and a name is a name everyone knows fan or not! And disney is going to make batuu be as popular as all of star wars just look at it people were there at cracks this am and opening at 3am…. i just dont get it! And like mark says books are out now!

  5. Kim

    My son (age 17) and I were there on opening day. Initially we were planning to arrive at 4am, then they announced the virtual boarding room and we decided to show up at 6am. We were pleased that by the time we got there we could get into HS with minimal wait. We waited about 45 minutes to be able to purchase our passholder opening day merch. We “entered” the virtual boarding que at 6am and we granted access to GE at 9:45am. HS opened it’s gates at 3am to let the crowds in and opened GE at 4:30. The inital wait time for Smugglers run was 5 hours. We waited 3 hours. The crowds were heavy but manageable in the morning, by 1:30 it was super crowded inside. People kept coming in but were not leaving the area. Long lines to get in any shop (is the ones without reservations) no walk ups for shops with reservations or for the Cantina. Overall I think Disney has learned how to control crowds better over time, but there are always ways to improve.

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