Add some spook to your phone with new Disney Villains Otterbox cases

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Disney Villains phone cases

Credit: Otterbox

Otterbox is at it again and this time they’ve turned their attention to Disney Villains, just in time for the Halloween season to really get going. They’ve created another collection for their Symmetry Series of iPhone mobile phone cases, this time focusing on Disney Villains and including Ursula, Maleficent, the Evil Queen, and Scar.

We really love the mix of Disney Villains and the 80s vibe that these cases are giving off. Let’s take a little look at each of these devilish cases:


Credit: Otterbox

Looking like a scene straight out of ‘Be Prepared’ (we’re still upset on how this was handled in the remake), Scar is sat atop a rock, ready to pounce.


Maleficent phone case
Credit: Otterbox

Perhaps one of Disney’s darkest villains and soon to be the center of yet another live-action movie, this case shows her at her most menacing.

The Evil Queen

Evil Queen phone case
Credit: Otterbox

We absolutely love the style on this one, the dagger through the heart is an awesome touch and showing just how truly evil the Evil Queen really is.


Ursula phone case
Credit: Otterbox

Is it just us or does the evil sea witch look like she’s plotting to take another voice on this case? Either way, it looks awesome!

Here’s a photo of all of the villains together so you can better decide on which one (if not all of them) you want to buy.

Disney Villains phone cases
Credit: Otterbox

It’s worth keeping in mind that all of these iPhone cases are available on the Xs Max, X/Xs, and XR models of the phone and are priced at $59.95 each. If you’re a Disney Villains superfan you can purchase the entire set for $239.80. You can check them all out over on Otterbox.

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Which of the Disney Villains phone cases is your favorite?

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