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Epcot Mary Poppins attraction

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  1. Harley

    I wouldnt mind seeing a peter pan type of ride going through scenes the one i am just ok w but would be a disappointment is a carousel (unless its like carousel of progress related) bc it be a let down and ever since i was a kid and almost got rushed to hosp after falling off one i am kinda fearful of em. That also be disappointing as i was hoping for a poppins ride since i was a kid shes a princess to me! When others had the princesses i had poppins!
    I also hope its not a normal run mill dark ride type of vehicle that be 4 of em in 1 park 2 literally across the bridge from each other!

  2. Beth

    I love the idea of ride-through like Peter Pans Flight or The Little Mermaid one. I love the idea of being immersed in my favorite scenes!

  3. Stephen Joseph

    Bob Chapek said, “…then enter Number 17, home of the Banks family, where your adventure will begin.” I think the operative word in the statement is “adventure.” If he would have said, “…then enter Number 17, home of the Banks family, where you’ll meet Mary Poppins” it would have signaled a meet and greet (like Belle’s home in the Magic Kingdom.” Adventure sounds like a ride attraction. Not a spinner (like a carousel or carnival setting) because Disney won’t take guests inside the Banks home only to go outside to a carnival. The question is: if it’s a ride will it be at the scale of Ratatouille or Pinocchio’s Daring Journey?

    1. Harley

      I doubt they will have another dark esque ride w sse rat and figment in the same park let alone like i said above rat is right over the bridge that would be overkill. I would however like to see peter pans flight type of thing bc like you said “adventure”.

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