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Living with the Land greenhouse at Epcot

Credit: Disney


  1. Harley

    Always loved the land boat nice way to wait for soarin or rest from the heat or incoming storm! Nice to see it get an update and also recently did behind the seeds after all these yrs what a great tour and it isnt as expensive as others! So much info and great tour for if you homeschool!

    1. Hey Harley, this is fantastic to hear! In all my years of visiting Epcot, I have never done Behind the Seeds. It’s something I am looking to book as part of my 3-week honeymoon trip this year so its great to hear you enjoyed it!

      1. Harley

        Its worth the time and walking but i saw it as an extenstion of what the boat cant offer! Its very educational and they take small groups too so its very nice! I hope you enjoy and happy honeymoon!

  2. Harley

    Ps. Ryan i forgot sometimes you might be lucky bc its like a land kept secret and not many know what it is you might get lucky and be able to do walk up like we did! There are lots of time during the day so if you do not get in via booking ahead whenever you epcot day is always check at the check in they might have added a time. The check in is at the exit to the land boat ride right before soarin! Again i hope you enjoy! Glad i could help! ?

  3. Lisa H

    How long ago was the full ride-through video of Living With the Land shot? Was it recent? I’m asking because I only experienced the attraction once, about four years ago, and I remember that many racks and containers where plants were supposed to be were empty as were all the fish tanks. I was so unimpressed I’ve never experienced it again. However, this video looks full of plants and fish. It makes me want to give it another chance if this is likely what I would see.

    1. Harley

      Lisa the ride use to be cm operated and spieled back in the heyday… the screens etc came in when they did the first land overhaul the date fades me sorry but the reboot is all new what your seeing now! Its a great boat ride and a great rest stop too if needed from all the walking at epcot! Hope you get to enjoy it soon!

  4. Mickey

    I liked the old version better where there was an actual live Narrator on the boat with you.

    The Behind the Seeds Tour is better than the boat ride. When I took the tour, you were able to sample some of the produce. Do they still do the sampling on the tour?

    1. Harley

      Yes mickey it was hydroponic cucumbers when we went and i have to agree the boat was better narrated and it felt longer!

      1. Mark

        You of all people arent bring up the song??? Who are you women!?

        1. Me

          Be nice

  5. Nachtwulf

    There was still a boat skipper when I did this which says how long it’s been since I’ve been to WDW. That said though, i’ve always said this is the most underrated attraction in EPCOT, it’s like… sure, it sounds boring but man, I enjoyed the hell out of this. Glad they’re updating it and not getting rid of it for some IP! (I wouldn’t mind if they added IP to it if they had to, but not replace!)

    1. Harley

      Its really s great ride and i am glad ipcot hasnt gone near it- but live narration was the best! Also i think ip wouldnt be good for it this is educational i mean unless you put the characters in it but i do not think thats what you meant?

  6. Melanie

    We love living with the land! It’s educational and like Harley said, it’s a nice rest stop and to wait for Soarin’

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