Comments for Little girl’s encounter with Kylo Ren and Rey proves kids love “Star Wars”

Little Girl at Galaxy's Edge

Credit: @Disney.Bound.Family / Fox35


  1. Darth Jarjar

    Grammatically, this one girl only proves that “KID likes Star Wars.”

    Not kidS.

    Then again, if she’s a princess with more wealth than, well, you can imagine, that might just be enough to save the entire franchise.

    1. Harley

      I went in today everyone around us was having a great time including kids just bc a minority of people hate it doednt me we all do! Esp the kids! Kids are their own person they can like or dislike whatever they want! Hate is such a strong word! And theres too much of it! And all your doing is feeding it! Your entitled to an opinion but so am i and millions that love batuu already! Screw the #s its about the experience!
      Also my mom always said to me if one person jumps off a bridge are you all going?? Well apparently and not giving it a chance and telling everyone to hate it and not entitled to there opinion!

      1. Harley

        And no offense to ITM or any sites etc whom present videos etc. Bc most of the time people watch thrse videos etc bc they can not come to wdw or dl!
        But also social feeds what these videos never meant to nor sharing opinions which is i have gone this is my opinion! Its there opinion not everyone should follow. Besides your opinion has no true value if you do not go how do you know bc of hear say ??? Give experience a try and then give opinion if not then do not add or tell me i have to agree! Like ie. I read alot about a resort and area i was going on summer vacation this yr lots of negative (worst trip ever etc.) i was so worried and yet we went and it was the best vacation we loved every min and it proves to have your own opinion! Like i said in another post many should just smile and enjoy their vacation and experiences!

        1. Melanie Durham

          What just happened?

  2. Mark

    I agree w you harley i do think everyone is entitled to opinion! To go to wdw and be like child at heart and enjoy the experience but your minds eye in that eye of a chlld! You need to also though mind your opinions and comments bc just bc you saw it online and you want to agree thats fine… but thats like saying to someone whose upset “i understand etc” no you do not your not me! The world doesnt have to agree either! Like harley said its social media (its even up on the hhn forums how much its bothering them) and batuu is a big culprit you can have your opinion but i agree w harley and others i know have said this if you didnt experience your opinion is Not Valid! How do you know what is the ride area etc like bc you saw it how were you there??? Oh i saw a video thats not going there. No offense lots of love to itm but this is a fan news feed meant for people whom might not go not feed naysars to go see it sucks i do not think this was itm intention!

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