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The Lion King (1994) Simba and Rafiki

Credit: Disney


  1. Film Fan

    Good for them. This was made to make money on one’s nostalgia, and nothing more. The animators poured their hearts and souls into the 1994 version, and they have a right to feel this way. I, too, would feel insulted, if my hard work on a film so special was being discredited for the latest (and soon to be dated) technology.

    The fact that this still did well makes me think audiences aren’t getting it yet. Maybe if the live-action Aladdin film was bad and/or a flop, they wouldn’t care about seeing this. However, I keep hearing good things about Aladdin, so there wasn’t going to be any signs for the live-action remakes to come to a halt. It’s pathetic.

  2. Thomas

    Absolutely right! I saw the remake last night, and while I enjoyed it – the first time I’ve enjoyed one of the remakes – it wasn’t anything I hadn’t seen before. Sure the ‘live action’ animation was breath-taking, but it didn’t give me the spine-tingling excitement that i got when the original came out. Playing to nostalgia is fine, and if the remakes were one a year I’d probably not be as fussed, but I’m a writer and it kills me that Disney aren’t taking risks on NEW stories and NEW movies, it’s not as if new doesn’t sell. The Jungle Book remake was okay, Beauty and the Beast was okay, Aladdin was lacklustre and mediocre at best, Dumbo was terrible, Mary Poppins Returns was cute but no cigar. Disney needs to remember what Walt Disney was first and foremost – a storyteller! (Yes, he was a businessman too, but was always looking for the perfect story to take the studio forward)

    1. Daryl-Rhys Taylor

      New really doesn’t sell though

  3. Daryl-Rhys Taylor

    New really doesn’t sell though

  4. Matt Brewster

    From the clips I’ve seen, the remake looks TOO realistic, much like one of the True-Life Adventures the studio used to make, but without Winston Hibler’s soothing narration. The animals have no expressions or emotion. Why did the Studio feel the need to “improve” on Perfection?

  5. Harley

    Matt disneynature is true life in remake… its an evil cycle for money this is nothing new! Nor is it tlk animators got no credit half of em got fired by lassiter (i am a friend w a few i know sadly believe me) tg hes gone! Everyone would like to forget but then keep reminding us it all started by a (handdrawn not crudely cgi) mouse maybe they should be reminding themselves! Anyone want to send them to OMD at dhs and tell em they cant leave it till they figure out how they can revive walt’s legacy! You know toy story was legendary for its time ooo ahh now i seen enough someone call yourself an animator and actually do it! Thanks!

  6. Loui

    I did enjoy the remake. I never really cared for the original movie that much. However when I saw the play I actually loved it and since it is still playing so do a lot of other people. Not sure why the animators didn’t complain about the movie being turned into a play? I found that I did like the new version and with over a 1 billion dollar box office so do a lot of other people. I find that I like some of the remakes, really enjoyed Aladdin too, and some I don’t really care for that much, Dumbo for example. Also I am not sure how an interview with 1 animator makes for this story. There were a lot of animators on the original movie and unless I see some kind of major article listed many of them by name, don’t give this much thought.

    1. Harley

      Oh they complain when something is turned into a musical when disney choose the wrong ones! Reason why revivals of beauty and aida are in wrks they know where the money was and what was missed! They still havent caught up w remakes apparently! The broadway fan base is pissed they keep making remakes and not using any of the songs millions of people now prefer and know over the orginals! Thats the heartbreaking pt your remaking movies that now have even better lifes of the stage and you can careless! Though alot of the broadway people were glad we never got a beyonce version of shadowlands and were scared of it but he lives in you deserved to be present as much as other songs! Its like if they did frozen and didnt include the 3 major songs from the musical that are better than let it go there will be a riot!

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