Comments for Disney’s live-action “Lady and the Tramp” will be different from other remakes

Lady and the Tramp Live Action remake

A screengrab of the Disney+ interface, featuring the upcoming live-action "Lady and the Tramp" remake. Credit: Disney


  1. Harley

    Just in case disney didnt take enough of our money! Great the only 1 i wanted to see and it wont be in theatres!

    1. Kellie

      It will have the scene, they filmed it in Savannah and I remember seeing recreated “Tony’s”. I may even have a picture of it saved somewhere… I remember taking pictures of the set on a walk one day.

      1. I live in Savannah. Wish I knew when they were filming this. I bet it was so cool. I remember there was a day with (fake)snow and old cars down town for a film. I just didn’t know what film it was for.

    2. Jenna

      Me too 🙁

  2. C

    Please stop! You don’t have to live action every Disney movie.

    1. Thomas

      Though I am really holding out for that live action version of Make Mine Music

  3. Disappointed

    This was my favorite movie as a kid. My kid’s love live action movies with dogs, but it looks like none of us will be able to see this movie.

    1. RaechelS

      I really am not interested in any of the live action remakes.

  4. Sandy

    Let the creative people at Disney do their jobs!
    Some how Walt always made things happen!
    Unfortunately, the people running Walt’s company, don’t have a clue of what Walt’s Dream was about!
    As long as they are benefiting from what Walt started, they think everything they do will work.
    The problem is, they aren’t Walt!

  5. Paul

    I personally don’t have a problem with the live action remakes. They don’t in any way replace the originals, and some do a nice job of giving us something different within the skeleton of the story – look at the Jungle Book, it keeps the bare bones, but gives us a very different movie – and at the end of the day, no one is forcing anyone to watch these movies, if people have such a problem with them existing then just don’t go watch them.

    If people stop watching them, Disney’ll stop making them, it’s that simple. But when the Lion King makes over £1 billion in 6 days, it sends a clear message.

  6. Kimberly

    I’ve been a hug fan of Disney movies and Disney world ever since I was a child and now even as adult .My children are huge fans of everything Disney! Walt Disney keep doing what your doing,because this family will continue to see and go Disney world and land forever. We love you anything Disney

  7. I love Lady and the Tramp! I was so excited when I heard they were making the “live” version. But, I’m disappointed that it will never see the Big Screen and that it is tied hand and hand to a Disney+ launch. I am a Die Hard Disney Fan and would have probably added Disney+ regardless, but this makes me sad.

  8. Mine name is Stacy Hartley and u from Manteno il Disney guys I think you are doing a good job I am ingase to be married and I have a nice that a bout 5 and she grow on Disney she loves Micky mouse and her brithday coneing comeing and here dad and here mom and us what to played brithday but all off us live in Illinois and the air line tickets are so expensive and stuff and stuff so keep up the good work and keep up the good movies for the kids love you guys I what to make mine 5year old nice have a good brithday ever she all ready call me here aunt love you all Stacy Hartley and mine wish is me come to Disney Land with them I hope mine wish comes true

  9. Kathy

    I’m looking forward to it but the iconic spaghetti scene needs to be a part of it, without that it won’t be the same. That scene made the top ten of AFI’s 100 most romantic movie scenes.

    1. Desmond

      So Jock’s a girl now, ’cause Lady having two MALE friends is just so SEXIST, and the Siamese Cat song is gone ’cause RACIST, wow awesome this is so WOKE but how come Lady’s owners are a het couple??? That’s so HOMOPHOBIC!!!

      Sheer idiocy, this is a ridiculous remake of a lovely animated classic concocted by lesser minds and talents. Disney is ruining Lady and the Tramp just like it ruined Star Wars. Hard pass!

  10. Christina Kankula

    I am super bummed that it won’t be in the theater. I’ve loved all the remakes that I have seen so far. I heard that justin theroux’s dog, Kuma, was going to be in it. She was adopted from a rescue that I volunteer at and I actually spent quite some time with her and was really looking forward to seeing her shine! Please, please bring it to the theater!

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