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Tessa Thompson as Lady



  1. Mac

    Jock is a male name. It’s used also to describe Scotsmen in general. A female Scottie is fine but needs to be named something else. Fiona, Mary, Elspeth, Morag? Also I hope she’s not wearing that stupid hat for the whole movie. A Scottie’s ears are one of the most distinctive and endearing characteristics of the breed. We Scottie owners celebrate the day when the ears become erect as a coming of age milestone. Don’t smoosh them down under a hat.

  2. Mac

    She could be named Jean. As for the hat, it’s also unnatural and uncomfortable for a Scottie to have her ears pinned down like that. My Katie wouldn’t put up with it for a second.

    1. Harley

      This is kinda verging in animal cruelty for some people. I mean unless the hat is cgi on the head though that dog doesnt look too happy! As a dog lover i feel you mac! Its like at dog shows w the standards its like i love my dog the way it is thanks!

    2. brandy

      im sure her name is jock to try and keep it close to jaques.

  3. Jeffrey

    I believe Lady is all or mixed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, not a Cocker Spaniel

    1. Harley

      No ckc are smaller they are considered a toy breed!

  4. Sharon Damkaer

    Lady has always been identified as a Cocker Spaniel since she first appeared in the Disney film “Lady and the Tramp” in 1955. Cavalier fans have adopted Lady as that breed has gained popularity. Animator Joe Grant said the model for Lady was his family’s Springer Spaniel Lady Nell the Second. See Walt Disney’s “Lady and the Tramp” The Sketchbook Series, Applewood Books, Bedford, Massachusetts, 1998. Editors Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson.

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