Comments for “Star Wars” Kylo Ren was originally planned to be much scarier than he is now


Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. TimG

    Please postpone The Rise of Skywalker. No one wants to see it so soon after The Last Jedi fiasco. Please retcon The Last Jedi with a re-release. Then redo The Rise of Skywalker with the alive Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford. A reunion of the Original Trilogy characters that should have happened.

    1. Harley

      This is star wars for the next gen your lucky they were in these! Just stop mark hamill has asked fans to stop & ford wanted out during empire its just known facts! Its not what the fans want they are continuing the story weather you like it or not! You can dislike it but there are others that like it! So for that reason they will not redo anything! I am sorry its your opinion but you can not think every single person in the world agrees its like the naysayers of batuu if you do not go your opinion isnt valid! Star wars fans should just be grateful and united as fans of a great universe of stories!

  2. Mark

    1st off that ren is scary kinda glad he wasnt in the movie!
    2nd i agree w harley sorry to break it w ya TimG but rise of skywalker hasnt come out yet give it a benifit of the doubt! You go into anything w i hate it you will hate it its just basic psych!
    You are entitled to your opinion but naysars need to stop spreading like i virus! I hate star wars but my daughter loves batuu and eyes light up when she sees rey shes someone i am not afraid of my daughter to look up too! Bc of these new movies it made us go back to watch the originals and guess what i am a fan now! Like harley said we should all be fans and enjoy it together! And may the force be with you!

    1. Harley

      Bright suns and welcome to this crazy fanbase! Good luck obviously and may the force be with you as well!

  3. TimG

    I gave Galaxy’s Edge the benefit of the doubt and it is devoid of Original Trilogy. The next generation don’t care for Sequel Trilogy Star Wars. The whole project blew up. The Rise of Skywalker will be a disaster especially with all the rumors going around for what’s in it. Really weird rumors of facepalming plotting. Kylo Ren is scary enough without the mask and even scarier with his shirt off. What were they thinking?

    What’s up with Mark and Harley. Both write the same with barely readable English.

    1. Mark

      First its a comment board and its not an sat test! Second most of our comments esp harley’s have been greatly appreciated esp by the itm insiders and team and they welcome my comments as well as yours! Ghezz its called being human we all make mistakes! I will apologize i am sorry you do not enjoy batuu and recent star wars experiences but like i said above if i didnt have them i wouldnt have gone back! This is what now star wars is hoping to bring fans in! No one complained about rebels and i think its on the same plane! Its ok its not your cup of team but your in a minority that thinks they are the majority! Your negativity = this thought 100% and the fact your still trying to convenience me i should be wrong! Why cant we all just be fans its so stupid!

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