Comments for Joe Rohde explains lack of wheelchair access on popular Disney World attraction


  1. Harley

    This isnt the only rides w handicap issues at dak specifically wc transfer yet i seen people w service animal get on navi and banshee. And i prefer to call it ikran sivako! Banshee means something else to me.

  2. Steve

    Banshee v ikran controversy ??? Some people have way too much time on their hands.

    1. Mark

      Its not too much time on hands its like harley said above some people know banshees as something else. So when those people try to explain something ie. Little leota at hm and nightingales at hhn to someone whom goes they have nothing to do w avatar? Its like different banshee! I know its not rocket science but you wouldnt believe there is a mix up hence the debate! I know foolish as it is rhode just adds by saying its banshee not ikran when in the movies they call em ikran!

  3. Pamela

    I think they could have made it accessible if they wanted after all they are imagineers. I can understand older attractions not being able to accommodate wheelchairs but with ADA regulations I find it irresponsible for Disney not to accommodate wheelchairs in new attractions.

    1. Harley

      I love navi river but i wish that queue and that boat were better accommodating for everyone. First are you supposed to feel like your falling into the boat and then sit on top of each other??? What happens if your 2 people you get attached literally (thanks to the fl heat) to those people! Maybe if wdi was going to go back and be ada lets fix the boat all together! And the cms there are a riot they stare at you or yell if your not on or off that boat within seconds! And i am fully support cms pandora cms seem to always not be feeling the navi love!

  4. Len

    I think the explanation of no wheelchair is a copout. We have been on the ride once with our daughter who is 40 permanently in a wheelchair. We did a very difficult transfer.

    Although the boats are narrower thank small world they are that narrow which could not accommodate most manual wheelchairs. We heard every excuse given by management at the ride including safety evacuation….

    I just think Disney blew it again.

    As a premier Annual Passholder i keep thinking why do i keep renewing.

    There are other fish in the sea and they are starting to surpass Disney.

    Universal was just names number 1 park over Disney by Trip Advisor.

    Watch out Disney.

    P.S. I think Walt must be turned over in his grave as to what he believed in and his original concept of what he invisioned as a place for families to go. No it is only for the upper class.

  5. While my husband would have loved all of the attractions to accommodate him after his ALS progressed to his needing a scooter and then electric wheelchair, he had so much joy being at the parks and enjoying what he could. He was afraid to transfer to the doomsbuggies even though they could completely stop, but he wasn’t bitter. For a child, it would probably be harder to accept, but given the new rides like The Little Mermaid, where the clams completely accommodate a wheelchair, I feel like Disney is doing a great job. We always felt that the training of the staff, where everyone is welcomed with a smile and without any issue, would be such a wonderful feeling for a child. Changes don’t happen overnight, but it would be nice to see that some of the increasingly drastic price increases would channel money into creating more accessibility options.

  6. Riley D Brock Jr

    Disney is doing a fantastic job. You cannot please everyone all the time. I think in my opinion Disney will keep on advancing into the future, I understand the wheelchair issue but come on people cut them a break they are doing what they can some rides you just cannot make wheel chair compaitable would not be safe for person in wheel chair or anyone else far as that goes . I know the haters will hate me for this buy first wife was stricken to a wheel chair after her surgeries but I was not bitter at Disney my wife was not either she was just glad to be there.

    1. Harley

      I do not hate believe me i get you! Years ago my grandpa went for the last time he was walking w a walker he wanted to ride all the new rides and his favorites… he almost fell coming off of test track we were more scared for him w cms then he was he was having a blast! I would believe if he was alive he would want to go on both pandora rides just to be w my family and my kid his namesake. I think about him everytime we go and that it is true what you say and what we as cms call and now as a past cm i still believe in safety d begins w me they do not want you hurt! They do want you to enjoy yourself but they do not care to walk away from it hurt a negative experience though guest relatuons cm would hate me would be better to them getting a complate then dealing w you hurt and god forbid something worse! Thats why there are soooo many warning signs these haters also probably dont read!

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