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  1. Ken Hutchinson

    Well you may like him but truth be told he is one greedy SOB. I have all of my shirts I bought from Disney in 2006. From my 2015 trip none have survived and I could not find any to buy in 2018. Every day I log into this and other sites to find out what he discontinuing or what will cost more. The day is quickly approaching when I will have to decide Disney or Universal and when you consider we can stay twice as long (or longer) at Universal I can see Disney losing. And it all traces back to his greediness.

    1. E

      GOD no.

  2. Harley

    I apoligize if this posts twice bc my internet connection is stupid…
    I have faith still things will turn around at disney but to say the loon iger is better than disney is really wow! Iger is money hungry… disney was a smart business man whom wanted to build somewhere for everyone! Visit OMD at studios and educate self okay!
    And btw my rose tinted glasses have been way off before ipcot and i had to deal w working during the era of queen meg tg her rain is over! But that wouldnt mean i would give up hoping that change can come and good change enough i change my spots! Those that give up and go to another park werent fans to begin w and are just as bad as iger whom wouldnt care to know walt period! Not saying wdw is a cup of tea but they take my mom w a smile they dont degrade me and who i am! If things dont change i will walk away proud and full of memories and heart!

    1. MamaMOB

      So what you’re saying is that if people didn’t hold out as long as you did they aren’t real fans but when you give up you get the right to still claim to be a fan? I don’t think that’s how it works. I think they’re just as much of a Saint as you are only they weren’t as naive as you are. They saw the writing on the wall before you did.

      1. Harley

        No i am saying people show there true colors if they side w the money i havent had rose tinted glasses on my whole life! I still love disney but to turn your back on it now yes is saying your not a real fan a real fan would have hope and wouldnt just go whoops guess i am out so easily! Thats all i meant!

  3. Harley

    Ps. To my statement i was typing too fast as i normal do… they take my money w a smile and i am happy to be there while other parks degrade and stoop me to there level and i just cant! I rather walk away w my memories of the good times at wdw then change my spots and forget!

    1. Mark

      Sadly my friend your ps. Got in here before the statement but i am sure you echoed what many want to say! And i like to add as someone whose been a manager around the block (as the saying goes) you see alot and even though wdw thanks to ALL IN CHARGE NOT JUST IGER they are still best at what they do, safety, attractions being ready to open on time, and cast being taken care of and no matter what cast is always smiling! I been management at many places were its like i would love to say “would it kill you to enjoy your job or fake smile? Have you been to wdw to take notes?”

  4. claudia

    His time at Disney has killed creativity. Everything is a rehash. His need to own everything has no limits. DCA is a mess. This concept of trying to fit everything they buy into the Disney concept is actually killing the original concept. But, if you are talking about money, then yeah–money.

  5. Dwayne

    What a very disgusting way to insult Walt! Who ever said came up with saying this should be ashamed! Walt first of all was not about trying to make his company only about making money!! It was about the magic and the family! So clearly who ever said this has zero actual knowledge of who Walt was and what Walt wanted for his company! What a disgrace!

  6. Anita

    With out walt you wouldn’t have the company in the first place. This is super disrespectful to his memory and the author should be ashamed.

  7. LizS

    Sure they are snatching up all these studios and building new attractions at the parks but the price for Disney stuff is out of control. They are losing the great quality and customer care they had before all this. Parks are still over crowded and they charge for every little thing now. It makes me sad cause I love Disney but can’t frequent or buy things as much as before.

  8. Jay

    Is this for real? Bob Iger is a greedy POS that has quite literally sent creativity and imagination spiraling backwards for an entire generation. If acquiring someone else’s intellectual property and then milking it like a cash cow makes you a great CEO, then Iger is certainly a great CEO. But he ain’t no Walt Disney. To paraphrase a line from Quentin Tarantino’s screenplay for ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood:’ “Walt Disney is a once every 50-100 years level genius.” To even suggest that some CEO who consistently places profit, corporate acquisitions, & virtue signaling above creativity, imagination, & progress is somehow in the same league as Walt, or even Roy, is terribly insulting. As far as the parks are concerned, rather than being an innovator, he’s playing down to the competition’s level by turning every park’s theme into “ride the movies.” Farewell to the days where we could even hope to see another Haunted Mansion, Small World, Carousel, or Pirates. Hello Starlord & Kylo Ren

  9. Thomas

    Iger may have made a shedload of money, but in doing so the heart of Disney is being diminished. Disney was a business man, but smart with it. He was also a storyteller and would consider everything to find the perfect story to put onto film. The acquisition of Pixar was inevitable, I’ve always seen Pixar as the cool naughty brother of Disney and let’s be fair has always been in the Disney umbrella. People will eventually get bored of the remakes, as they bring NOTHING to the party, I just hope that one day the spirit of Disney awakens to give everyone a kick up the backside and makes them realise that hiring new storytellers is far more important than sequels and mediocre remakes.

  10. Anna

    The title of this article alone is shameful and there is no comparison between Iger and Walt Disney. I can’t even fathom the words to express my total disgust at Inside the Magic for posting this. You’ve lost at least one subscriber today. The total ignorance it takes to even compare the two men let’s me know that you obviously don’t know your Disney history. Did Iger create anything from a dream/ scratch?? No! Everything has been remake after remake, no original ideas whatsoever! Did Iger inspire employees to act as cast members?? No! Most I’ve talked to have no respect for the man. Walt Disney was ingenious; Iger can’t see past the dollar signs in his eyes and can’t even sense how far he’s taking the company in the wrong direction. I have no use for the man. He’s running the company into the ground and the flop of Galaxys Edge proves it. It had no business being in Disneyland and the bottom line is there’s nothing to do there if you don’t want to spend even more money. Pricing people out of the park and memorable experiences was NEVER part of Disney’s plan and it used to add to how special Disneyland was.

    1. Harley

      Amen to your statement for a website thats called inside the “magic” they are entitled to there opinion yes as we all are but remember your inside the “magic” not inside the oh i am not saying it you can get me! And yet go onto those forums for the other side and even their fans have more respect for bc even uni fans know they wouldnt have had what they had if walt didnt show the world first!

  11. Kath

    Bob Iger has done an incredible job making money for The Walt Disney Company. But, along the way, the company has lost its moral compass. Families are priced out of the parks (even the parking lots!). The movies are not as family friendly as they once were. Really – do we need one more flatulence joke? Are there no good comedy writers left who can make people laugh without indicating someone is passing gas? The Disney Channel is an embarrassment of bad acting and bad writing. Give me Walt’s “Wonderful World of Disney” any day over what’s available now.

  12. Angel Robinson

    The title alone is cringy secona you dont even reference walt with that title so u just want clicks.. third in what world did you see star wars galaxys edge as the most wanted by fans ???? Its empty !!! No one asked for it and if they did it certainly wasnt the new version of the star farce franchise people want the originals not the new it barley has rides and full of stores that sell crap for three times its worth. Learn to realy investigate before writing again

    1. Harley

      Its another thing iger and disney doesnt care about they care the money!!! Not the families of fans the company and walt built prior! Its about the common tourist not fans!! We can scream all we want about their reckless thoughts but fact is tourists will go bc its star wars or toy story etc. Make millions more than sadly thats all they think about profit not us! Though wo fans where would the true money come from???

  13. RA

    First off, Disney created a lot of characters (I think it was almost 20) I don’t think Bob Iger has created a single character let alone take risks to create something new. The most unbiased answer I can give is Disney because Disney allowed no alcohol in his world because that way the people working at and the people visiting Disney’s parks can keep it family friendly. But alas, not sure if it was iger itself or one the employees but somebody clearly screwed up.

  14. Melanie Durham

    No one, and I mean no one can be compared to Walt Disney!
    Shame on you!

  15. Barbara

    No. Walt would never have forgotten his original American families who are being shoved out by the almighty dollar. It’s all about money now???

  16. Marilyn

    How could you even ask a question like that!!!!!
    If you’re talking about the almighty buck, maybe.
    But if you’re talking about the philosophy about anything from Walt Disney, Iger is not even in the race
    Walt was inclusive.
    Iger is exclusive.
    So there!

  17. Dopey01

    This article’s title is absolutely ridiculous! First of all, Walt Disney and Bob Iger were from two totally different eras. There are different companies now than there were when Walt was running the business. Business is also run differently now compared to when Walt was alive. Don’t forget — Walt died at an earlier age in 1966. One final point — if there was no Walt Disney, there would be no Walt Disney Company to acquire or enjoy. Duh! Therefore, Walt Disney will always be king of imagination, creativity, and the Walt Disney Company.

  18. MamaMOB

    To answer the headline that you didn’t bother to even mention in the article, no. Iger is not better than Disney for Disney. Disney built a media empire from nothing. Iger has taken that empire bought other empires and shat all over them. And if you think Galaxy Edge is a phenomenon I got an empty parking lot that will blow your ever-loving mind!

    1. Harley

      Yes to this comment esp the parking lot i know cms still at dhs and they day that all the time. Though the lot was small to begin w and cm had nowhere to go just bc of swge they needed to get mk/epcot sized parking to proof the millions are still not at the park?!?

      1. Harley

        Say not they*

  19. Sandy

    I am so happy there are people who believe in and appreciate what Walt Disney accomplished and stood for!!
    Isn’t there someone who thinks like Walt, who could take over Walt’s company and make it be the creative business that he wanted for EVERYONE to enjoy!

  20. Ed

    Add this question to your list of things that annoy Disney Fans!
    If you’re using only a company balance sheet perhaps you have something to discuss. But Walt was exponentially more than that!
    In many ways, Mr. Iger has lowered the Disney magic and mystique and undermined the integrity and wholesomeness built by Mr. Disney

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