Comments for Freeform to set record with number of times it will air Hocus Pocus this October

Credit: Disney


  1. Linda Brown!

    NOOO! WHYYY?! Used to like it…NOW I HATE IT! Thanks freeform! YOU SLOBS!

  2. Lc luna

    Looooove it!!!

  3. Harley

    I tell this to my kid all the time theres only so many times weather uber fan or not tv show or movie you can overwatch something to the pt you will be like …. okay i am done its dead please make it stop! Even the most amazing thing ever will be burnt out if watched like crazy! I never got the hype this movie was i even had a friend in it and yet its ok! Too much of something you might disagree but it is a bad thing and thats when you watch it w open eyes and go yea wow i hate this now! Its why many whom are annuals to the parks might take breaks so that way its not baked in the heat!

    1. Debbie

      Great Movie favorite Halloween movie!

  4. Mark

    Sadly hocus pocus needs to say good bye there are other better movies esp Halloween ones freeform use to be great now it repeats the same garbage!
    The only hocus pocus thats good is the one at mnss bc the actresses are top notch! And though i love kathy najmy it was her wprst role! SJP plays herself and bette midler i cant stand bc shes such a diva and hypocrite!

  5. Gerry Pasquetti

    Love “Hocus Pocus”. Great idea

  6. Melanie Durham

    I love hocus Pocus

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